Well... I'll be honest. I like to upset people who deserve it. When you yell and rant, I tend to poke fun at your misspellings, fallacies in logic, and more. Just placing that out there. I don't hate you, you were just at the wrong place at the right time.

But.... I'm twenty, gay, and taken. blonde hair , really long. Blue eyes. Short, and a a tad out of shape. My working out and exercise have paid off.
I'm a digital artist for now, at least in training. I don't typically draw/CGI people, but I'm learning. My artworks are viewable in a site via PM request only, considering the site in many cases is NSFW (My work is fine, the site is not, I really need to more up to DA sometime....)

My sayings I live by:
-Exercise means nothing without a balanced diet and plenty of sleep.
-Everyone deserves to be heard. Not everyone who is heard is right.
-Popularity is a crutch for those without character. Those who seek it already lost what they never had.
-Being proud of what you do and are is important, but so is modesty and self control.
-High image resolution does not equal quality.
-Everyone was designed to create, but not everyone is an artist.
-I may be gay, but I'm not an attention whore. Rainbows, pink, ponies, and baby talk are for very young children. Please, grow up and show a little decency.
-If it ain't broke don't fix it. However a new feature is always nice.
-I treat others how I'd like to be treated, if I were to act like them. You act stupid, expect to get yelled at.
-Don't tell me I'm wrong, tell me why I'm wrong.
-My mistakes are what make me strong, and let me tell you, if this is true, I am your god and you are mine
-No one has the right to tell me what I am or say or do. Suggestions however are always taken into consideration.
-My time is mine. And it's not limitless. I want it to be happy.


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Just the things I wanted to keep recorded.

It holds anything I find important.



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Weh xD

Hello. Thanks for the purchase on my store heart

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Ah, I see. Just read a bit on the subject myself, strange indeed- I wonder what they're really for.
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Thanks for accepting. How goes it?

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Sweet profile and songs... and avi. xD I actually enjoyed visiting a random person's pro. :3

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I find your signature to be quite refreshing. I hope you find some good conversations and debates.
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Atani Ignatius

I love your signature and your about me
I'm half Japanese half Irish and I hate it when its treated like a fad :/
I also don't understand lolcats or weird pictures of kittens u.u

so power to ya
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