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things about me

4 awesome things you can know...
1. my favorite sports football. i play on the line. im a defensive end.
2. i'm honest
3.I'm only in 7th grade... although i act like im 20.
4.piss me off... i piss you off

BOY: i love her more than air i breathe.
Girl: well im always here for you.
BOY: i know.
Girl:wats wrong?
BOY: i like her so much.
GIRL: talk to her.
BOY: i dont know. she wont even like me.
GIRL: don"t say that. ur amazing.
BOY: i just want her to know how i feel.
GIRL: than tell her.
BOY: she wont even like me.
GIRL: how do u know that?
BOY: i can just tell.
GIRL: well just tell her.
BOY: what should i say?
GIRL: tell her how much u like her.
BOY: i tell her daily.
GIRL: what do u mean.
BOY: i'm allways with her. i love her.
GIRL: i know how i feel. i have the same problem.but he'll never like me.
BOY: wait. who do u like?
GIRL: oh some boy.
BOY: oh... she wont like me either
GIRL: She does
BOY: how do u know?
GIRL: because. who wouldnt like you?
BOY: you.
GIRL: your wrong i love u
BOY: i love u 2
GIRL: so r u going to talk to her?
BOY: i just did
GIRLS-if u think this is sweet post it to ur page
GUYS-if ur a man enough you wont have a problem puting this in ur site


Things i love to say to people to get them to shut up
1. If you cant judge urself than dont judge me!
2. Point and make fun of go ahead. but just remember that finger will be point back
3. Hate is a strong word. dislike is better. and you have to get along with them.
4. if some1 is a critic all their doing is showing how much they fail at what they are critzising.
5. I respect you not because u laugh and torture. no because u have the courage to actually not care about others.
6. I dont care wat you think. all your doing is saying words that show your poor fluency.
7. If you mock some1 all it shows is how stupid u are and dont know how to talk.
8. if you say some1 sucks at drawing or writing. just remember some1 else thinks this 2.
9. You might not wanna do something. but remember others do s**t for others. suck it up and do it.
10. If you complain it only shows how disobienant you are and why bother correcting you?

I got alot to say sooo keep reading!!!!!!!!



People tell me god isnt real.. i tell them yes they are please believe him if you dont you will die and go to hell. forever.. if they refuse and tell me its bullshit i say ok than waste your time pleasing your fat selfish self. Now we are all selfish and greedy! i know it but atleast i try to show others that i promise im changing!!!!

Now my dream job i know is crazy... i wanna be in the army for five years after collage.. than i go to counseling and i help others! i know crazy!


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Well i hope you dont man i feel like quittin cuz ppl just dont remember me but ima try to change that
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yep lol
Dragonback98 Report | 04/17/2011 5:51 pm
how come u thinkin bout quitting?
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never seen u for awile wats up tatt-dude
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i love ur pro but there is too much love
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cool avi
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thank you for the request :3
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heyz mrgreen whats up
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JOE Mystic
Kolby Smith
Xx keith uzakey xX

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ou kno its love when he/she leaves and u miss them , you kno its love when u can imagine u guys having S E X!, you kno its love when u kiss him/her and you just get this feeling that says "this feels right", you kno its love when you look away and cross your fingers hoping they will come up and randomly kiss you!, if u have a love or u just love someone go kiss them right now through- internet-phone- or go over their house and kiss them then say "i love u" or if they dont kno u love then say"iv been holding this in for to long but u kno what I ******** LOVE YOU"

my best friend in real life! a little weird though

Everyone says that love hurts, But that's not true. Loneliness hurts. Rejection hurts. Losing someone hurts. Everyone confuses these with love, but in reality LOVE is the only thing in this world that covers up all the pain and makes us feel wonderful again. :] Put this on your page if you think this is true

If you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile. DON'T JUST IGNORE THIS because in The Bible it says if you deny Him, He will deny you in front of His Father in the Gates of Heaven. This is the simplest test: If you love God and you are not ashamed of it, copy this and put it in your profile.

Troll Valley



After the first adventure Chris and his companions split up only temporary due to there traveling being done. Chris was known as the towns champion and held a tournament in a city he recently is now in. Every week Chris challenges a few skilled warriors till death or drawn blood. Tyrell went back to the torn country that was destroyed not yet long ago by the dreaded diamond dragon. He has rebuilding it and became king. It’s now restructured to fit ninja’s instead of thieves. Abby is now a pet trainer who tames wild animals so that adventurers may keep them during a trip. She now currently lives in the same city as Chris. Although they don’t often see each other, mostly because their jobs are totally different and Chris only goes out when he has to and Abby is the opposite of that. Noah continues his search on destroying the world of darkness and is currently traveling the world. Noah has been reassigned to guard certain areas in the world that are sacred and must be protected from evil. Steven is also in the same city as Chris and Abby. He works as a guard when Chris and the others are doing the tournament. When he isn’t doing his job he and Chris train kids in sword fights. You might say that their lives are going pretty well. You may consider that one day something may go wrong, because it always does.
Chapter I Training

As all the little kids ages 7 through 14 where training. All different backgrounds, race, looks, boys girls, and of course age. Chris and Steven took them all. They taught them techniques, blocks, and how to recover after losing your sword. No fees no monthly payments, just time. Chris particularly wanted to test this one kid, Henry. He wasn’t the greatest swordsmen, or great with a sword. He was a clumsy, average guy. Maybe perfect to be a farmer, but Henry always wanted to be a swordsman. So here he is working stupendously great today. He had finished the obstacle course in under a minute. Chris has been talking to Steven about taking him along to a goblin village. He hasn’t asked their parents but I’m sure they’d say yes. Goblins are our worst enemy. They are weak but strong in numbers. They live mostly in forestry type area and live near or in old houses used long ago. Recently there have been complaints of these annoying pests and I guess it’s time for the kids to be doing kingdom work. Even though the training is called Swordsmen it also takes archery and wizardry. Not just has Henry has been improving, there had been this girl named June, who has been going twice as great. Chris has been wondering if he should take them along even though it’s a dangerous mission for little kids. Just then Abby appeared from the mountains next to the plateau the training takes place. Chris walked up to Abby and said, “Hey you mind training some pets for these little ones?” After Chris finished she nodded, no she didn’t mind. Chris barked for the kids to hear, “All of you line up and tell this young lady what kind of pet do you want!” A few seconds later all the kids were lined up. Most kids wanted dogs or cats. Until it came to Henry and June, then it became interesting.
Henry begged, “Oh, Oh please I really want a lion,” and got down on his knees.
Only then Abby smiled and replied as, “You don’t have to beg I’m doing this for you guys.”
Then when it was Junes turn she smiled and said, “May I please have a wolf, just like your’s,” with question.
Abby replied with, “Yes, ma’am,” “Keep up with your manners” and bowed. Abby turned to go down the plateau, took a step, and disappeared.
Steven replied shortly after her depart, “Class, Dismissed,” and all the little ones ran home. It was already getting late. The sun was heading down and it was getting a little late for a guard and a warrior to be out.
Chris said briefly, “Meet, here, 10:00 A.M.” Then he jumped down the plateau. Chris was heading home when he ran into June and she started asking when the pets where to be delivered and I suggested about a couple weeks since there was 35 kids in training.
June sighed then said, “See you tomorrow,” then started to turn back.
Chris quickly said before she was out of reach, “Wait, I need you to do me a favor,” “I need to talk with your parents in the mean time I need you to announce that training tomorrow is canceled, except to Henry,” “I need to talk to his parents also.” She didn’t question my request and headed to a different direction to tell one of her friends. As she went off into the distance Chris started walking towards June’s house which was not far off. As Chris approached the door he sighed and the knocked on the door.
As the door slightly opened June’s mother appeared and said “Yes, what do you need?” She already knew who Chris was and was slightly fond of his visit to tell how approving her daughter is.
Chris slightly off tone said “Would you mind if Steven and I took your daughter, and Henry along to a goblin village,” “I promise they will be safe, but if harm where to happen I have warned you.”
She nodded and thought a bit and then said “I’m sure she can take care of herself.” After the door closed Chris slowly turned around to only see June there in excitement.
She said, “I’m all done, and do we really get to go on to a goblin village?”
Chris nodded and replied, “Yes but this is a job not a field trip,” “You are here to help us with the goblin infestation, ok.” She nodded, and Chris asked “Would you want to come along to Henry’s house then mine?” She nodded again and went to ask her mother. Coming back she nodded again to say yes.
Chris smiled and said, “You really are a quite girl aren’t you?” Just to make Chris laugh she nodded to say yes. After a short travel to Henry’s house, Chris could see Henry’s mother sweeping the porch. Henry’s mother looked up to see Chris and June. After a short silent moment she said, “Yes, what do you want?” Chris replied “Would you mind Steven and I took your son and June, along to a goblin village,” “I promise they will be safe, but if harm where to happen I have warned you.
She thought for a moment and replied “Yes, I think he’d be safe in your care. Then Henry came outside with a smile to see Chris.
Chris asked “Oh and today he has to stay at my house so I can explain the rules for this “adventure“.” Henry smiled, she nodded, and Henry ran off to catch with Chris.

Chapter II- A Fine discovery_

As Chris brought the little one’s closer and closer to his house, he explained, “When we get there be as quite as possible,” “look around to make sure you aren’t surrounded,” “Mostly this little journey is how much I can trust you two, ok?” After the explanation the two went to sleep. The night seemed that it only last ten minutes. In those long hours June finally awoken to the sound of sizzling. June looked a little more to find Chris cooking something mysterious. She quickly whipped by so Chris couldn’t see her and silently went to Henry’s room. As she slowly opened the door to see a snoring, happy Henry, she giggled.
Henry opened one eye, turned his head and said, “Do you knock,” “Or is it fun to watch me sleep?”
June said unhappily, “Well, I guess you don’t want to eat,” “I’ll just leave you to your happy slumber,” and followed the sweet smell of food. As she stood waiting by the door for Chris to notice her. While she was waiting she was thinking about Henry. She had a crush on him on the first day on training. That’s what made her work so hard. She wanted to impress Henry.
As she was went thoroughly through her thoughts and memories Chris called, “Ready to eat?” At first the sound of his voice was only a dream. Until she woke up from her trance of thoughts.
She looked up and said, “Yes, please!” She sat down just as Chris served the food.
Chris said, “Hurry up we have to leave at 10:00.” She looked at the clock and saw that it was 8:35 and tried to eat the food a little faster. Henry didn’t bother eating. He sat directly next to June and smiled. Henry also liked her but never bothered asking her or getting to know her. Just like in the beginning of the story he wasn’t much of a hero. Although June still liked Henry for who he was. It was a quarter to ten and Chris ordered them to pack up and head outside. A few moments later Chris came outside with them and noticed something. They were late!
Chris burst out in to a sprint and said, “We’re late,” we need to run!” Chris forgot that he needed to be there by ten. Not leave at ten. Henry got tired half way but was motivated since June was with him, so he kept running. About ten minutes past and Steven was still waiting at the plateau. Steven sat down and closed his eyes only to hear silent and shuffling footsteps. His eyes darted, left, than right and saw three shadowy figures running towards him. He figured it was Chris and some others. He thudded back down and looked at the sky. It was red today. He thought to himself, “isn’t that a bad thing?”
Chris, June and Henry climbed up a few seconds later after Steven thought that. Chris explained to Steven, “June and Henry are here to help you from that order the king gave you about the goblins,” “Go get there weapons in the shack.” Steven nodded slightly confused and walked over to the shack. He was always forgetful and almost forgot he even was ordered to sweep out the goblin village’s slightly to the north. Luckily the plateau was exactly right near the goblin village. As Steven opened the door he saw a green little creature looking around lost. He saw a perfect test so he tied up the creature and found their swords. After a few moments of delay due to the goblin he finally came out. All three were shocked since Steven was only suppose to bring out two swords.
Steven directed, “ok, I’m giving you your swords and untying the goblin when you give me the cue that your ready, got it?” The two shook their head and drew there swords. Seconds after that Steven untied the goblin and the goblin chased after the two. June quickly dipped right and put her foot out to trip him. His foot caught on her and he tumbled down. Henry slashed and luckily caught his back as he recovered. The goblins eyes darted left than right, struggling to find out who he should charge again. Henry came from behind, grabbed his arms and held him. June came right up to the goblin and stabbed him right through the chest and Henry let go of him. The Goblin fell to his knees and Henry roundhouse kicked the back of his head. He fell face first and didn’t get back up.
Chris clapped and exclaimed, “nice,” “Nice teamwork!”
Steven replied with his comment “Couldn’t of done better!” Henry and June both smirked with their little grins. Chris motioned his hand which meant lets head to the village. The four jumped down the plateau on the other side and are right near the gloomy, dark camp. Chris spotted someone tied to a post over a fire. Quickly knowing the person was in danger he treaded quickly along the long brown grass. Dodging several arrows until one came in contact with his foot. He roared, took it out and swiftly walked towards her. After another thirty feet another arrow flew by and completely destroyed his right arm. Only ten feet away from the person. Chris could make details like the person was a she and had long black hair. His vision was growing short, although he kept striding towards her. As he was right by her ready to untie her he was shot right in his palm. He took it out and cried in agony. His body thumped to the ground in pain as arrows were shot at him. He numbly got to his knees and untied the girl. Just as he was carrying her another arrow was about to shoot her. Chris turned around so the arrow shot his back. His body torn and ripped from arrows limped towards his friend and students. Terribly in pain he reached his destination and dropped. The girl had her eyes closed. As she slowly opened them she noticed she was laying on top of Chris and screamed.
She stumbled off of him and blushed. Chris closed his eyes in pain. Steven rounded the two kids up and grew a strategy. Steven pointed at the girl and asked, “ Can you take him back to the city and get him to a hospital?” She nodded and tried picking up the heavy body. She couldn’t lift him so she dragged his weary and terrible conditioned body. Steven directed the plans again, “Ok, Henry you go left and take out the archers,” “June you take the few swordsmen they have,” “I’ll go in the middle and distract as many as I can.” Henry’s turn was first and he quickly treaded towards the archers. He picked up one of the arrows and threw it directly at one of their head. The goblin’s head was destroyed and the body stiffly fell to the ground. A second later a barrage of arrows came crashing down towards Henry. He took cover in a tent just as a few arrows came ripping through the leather. After the barrage ended he threw himself outside and attacked a few goblins. The rhythm of their bodies falling kept Henry going. Fall after fall, slash after slash bodies kept falling. In seconds later no archers were left. Now it was June’s turn. She grabbed a small rock and threw it so a guy would notice her and charge her. She patiently waited and as the goblin came up she stabbed him and let him drop. Three other goblins came but one dropped right away and Steven popped up with a grin. He took the other two in seconds. The camp was just filled with dead bodies. No people left except them.

Chapter III A Remarkable Recovery

Meanwhile, Chris woke up in the middle of the street as the rocks kept hitting him.
He said weakly, “You can stop dragging me and just help me up.”
She replied, “Thank you for saving me and ok.” She gave me her hand and I grabbed it and got up. I limped beside her and noticed we were almost to a hospital. My vision became blurry and when I tried talking it was slurring. I can’t believe that a few goblins took me down. I’m the town’s champion.
The girl said interrupting his thoughts, “My names Stacey,” “What’s yours?
I said as I just limped and stumbled over something, “I’m Chris, thanks for taking me to the hospital,” “Or at least almost there.” She giggled and I feel embarrassingly. Her hand took mine and helped me up. We were right in front of the hospital and as the door opened, Chris passed out and fell to the floor. He didn’t wake up.
Hours and hours passed, “Chris’ heart still beats but he wont wake up,” a doctor remarked. Stacey looked down sadly and thought to herself, “Why did he save me and kept going when he was only suffering,” “Why?” She sat down slowly in the black and white chair and fell asleep as the doctor left. Around mid-night a weary eye opened up to a blazing and flickering fire. Chris stood up and realized he was surrounded by fire! He was in some sort of place just blazing with fire! Maybe… Maybe… his thoughts traveled “Maybe, I’m in hell.” A black hooded person appeared and slowly gave Chris a scroll. He read it and exactly knew, yes, he was in hell.

Chris, complete three tasks and you will be able to visit hell and earth. The three tasks involve endurance strength and patience. Fail any one of these and you will be stuck here forever. Pass and like I said I will reward you with an ability to visit hell and earth anytime.

Looking forward to your unsuccessfulness in the tests!

The devil

Chris rolled up the scroll and threw it. Just as the scroll lit on fire a thousand or more stairs appeared in front of him. He climbed to about the tenth one and realized as he walks they disappear! He sped up slowly to keep a nice pace. After about five minutes he fell… He grabbed onto a platform and it didn’t disappear! What luck! He slowly pulled his weary body up and sat down. After a minute or two of rest he got up and jogged a little faster up the stairs. Finally he limped up the remaining few steps only to see another test. Right as he reached the stairs a rock the size of a house smashed him leading him tumbling down the stairs. He had fallen and barely could walk. All his hard work up the stairs has been taken away. Minutes after the fall his tiresome body hit the ground and shattered. Surprisingly all of him was in pain but he was yet far from dead. He was beginning to lose his patience with all his hard work until his thought came across the note. It said patience was the last test so he just laid there in agony. Minutes went by. Minute came to hours and hours came to days. Chris waited, and finally the Devil kept his word and poof, Chris woke up in a white pale hospital with a cute, smile over him.
Stacey said, “Your finally awake,” “I have been waiting for you to open your eyes for days!”
Chris asked in a questioning tone, “How long was I unconscious?”
She replied nicely, “Almost a week,” “I haven’t left to eat or anything I just stayed here.” Chris smiled weakly and laid back down. She looked over him again and asked, “Are you okay?” Chris nodded in response and got up. He turned around just to see the little details about her, her hair was black, she was really skinny, her eyes were blue-green, and looked incredibly strong.
When Chris looked into her eyes Stacey turned back in embarrassment and asked, “Why did you look into my eyes?” Chris looked like what a child does when he gets caught doing something horrible stupid.
He said kind of embarrassed himself, “Sorry, they just look great!” After awhile Chris went back to sleep and Stacey left knowing that he was ok. Steven and the two little ones came around sometime to check and saw that he was sound asleep. Although deep in Chris’ mind and body, he was in pain. Somehow he was alive, somehow today wasn’t his time to die yet. Than Chris had a flashback to a certain day that wasn’t pleasant.

Troublesome Times IV

The sounds of footsteps clashed against stone. The sky was a smear gray in the sky. A time of war happened around Chris’ childhood. In his house blood was splattered across the counters. He walked in to find his parents dead, but not just them, the whole town was in ruins. The barbarians destroyed his home. The next day he had to hide while the barbarians came back to clear out the rubble left. Chris couldn’t believe it and stood in devastation around his parents. He swore to protect people after that. He wanted no harm to innocent people. When he tried to leave barbarian workers to him and held him captive, but all of the people to buy him out were dead. Chris had either a choice of death or work it off. So he did, and killed many innocent people for his survival. He thought it was the only way, but he would of chose a different solution with his knowledge now. Barbarians are his worst enemy and will show no mercy to them. Although they taught him valuable skills in dealing with weapons and patience when he is killing because one false step may be your last. Despite the torture dealt to him he wouldn’t be where he is right now. I guess you can compare his torture to work camps. Although Chris was fed and stuff, but he was forced to do inhumane things. His thoughts were bent and twisted into scary things for a child, yet he pulled through. If an order wasn’t taken right away the person not obeying would be whipped. Chris had the worse four years of his life. All it was, was nonstop agony and obedience. Finally after four years it ended and someone took him. He went to another village and later attacked by barbarians. Quickly Chris was kicked out due to the raid from the barbarians. Luckily, Chris had the skills to survive thanks to the brutal training. After awhile Chris found his friends and the journey began. During the adventure Chris still thought of these times and swore to protect his friends until he was dead. Thank god for him that the whole journey was easy and nothing to bad happened. Indescribably is a great word for what happened to him the past. You wouldn’t even know what to do with a kid at that age going through that process. The thought of this is horrific but actually would be good for you for survival. Again when Chris woke up for the last time Noah was with him watching him.
Chris mumbled, “What are you doing?”
Noah replied, “I don’t have much time but you were wiggling, so is something wrong?” Chris told his dream about his flashback and Noah looked curious throughout the talk.
After that Noah said, “I can cure your illness of your past,” and motioned his hands over Chris until his body looked a little more, whiter. All of his thoughts about the barbarians were gone, but his skills he learned were not forgotten. Noah quickly told him, “I can’t stay for very long because I have that job and I’m not very busy, so I got to go.” He suddenly vanishes and Chris gets up uninjured! Noah had also healed his wounded body! Slowly Chris takes off the white bandages with red stains all over it. He walked up to a Nurse who took him to like a storage place that stored items when he first came here. Just as he fit his helmet on and picked his sword up he heard screaming. Brutal painful screaming, and all of Noah’s work on him forgetting was gone. He rushed for Steven and the little ones to follow him. When he emerged from the now red and white doors to the outside world he saw just mass murdering… The barbarians were tearing people to shreds… Chris panicked to Steven, “Go to each house and check everywhere for survivors,” “than take them to the church or the castle!” Steven nodded and checked the first house. Steven stealthily opened the door and a dead body dropped from the door. He ordered the two little ones June and Henry to check the place. A barbarian tried to attack June but she ran between his legs and stabbed his back a few times.

my crappy a** book thats not even finished

awesome gf... get mad at her easily thou... need to work on that