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I'm Cayliin.
I'm Canadian.
I have an obsession with Hoodies,Skate Shoes and Toe-Socks.

I'm an Esthetician. Meaning I deal with: Skin Care, Nail Care, and Hair Removal.

I'm a fairly passionate video gamer. I still own my original N64. I'm on the search for a new NES/SNES and Genesis system
I'm in the process of getting a new computer (for certain games).
» Portal
» Red Dead Redemption
» Team Fortress 2
» Batman: Arkem
» Golden Eye (wii)
» MarioKart (wii+DS)

psn id: cayxcore

♥ Piercings&Tattoos
♥ Art
♥ Music
♥ People paying me to cause them pain for the sake of Beauty ~
♥ Hello Kitty.TMNT.Pokemon.DBZ.SouthPark.Batman.X-Men...etc.

Piercings to Date: 13
10ga.Septum; Right Nostril; 00ga.FirstEarlobeSet; 20ga.SecondEarlobeSet 12ga.ThirdEarlobeSet; 2xConch; 8ga.Left Helix; 2xRight Helix
Retired: Lip, Navel, Left nostril.

Coming Soon:

2nd Left helix; Tragus; Forward Helix; Tongue Web

August 1st;;
Wing Tattoo's <3