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Location: The Underground Facility

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I be yer Ro-ro-robotic guide.

Fo-fo-for now, the profile is under me-me-mey.. maintenace.

Pu-pu-please.. bear with us.

We are under a va-va.. virus attack.

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The 179th character created from Fail Corporation.

It's an 'it' for it has different identities with unknown gender.

Its real name is not meant to be spoken. The first time it came to Fail Corp, it was a homeless person with a paperbag covering its face. He said, "The smell of cookies has brought me to this direction."
(It was when Pang_the_Third demanded a cookie from m i l k y a r r C.)

Members had asked it several times how old it was but he would only answer its age according to the age of the character its cosplaying.

Its main purpose is to serve the corporation through cosplaying and advertisement.

Once in a while it changes its costume for the sake of Fail Corp's satisfaction.

It traded its free will for cookies and milk.
(Tip: Give it anything related to cookies and milk and it will obey you for awhile.. Its full obedience is for Fail Corp only.)

Its character and attitude depends on its cosplaying character.

Press f4

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