I've lost it all: friends, family, life. There is nothing more to say because there is nothingI have left.

Quote on Bleach:

Rukiasan. That night, I cried on the roof against the darkness and you found me. I confessed I fell for someone that I should not have, and that I knew that that person would probably never want to be together.

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Softly, you looked at me as you put your hand against my face. I told you it was because I was sure that that person would never accept me. You looked away and wiped your eyes when you looked back. It didn't take much to know how much you held your question back. All I did was stare into your troubled eyes and broke, "...Ichigo..." That same night, you waited for me outside, turned away into the moonlit sky and whispered softly, "...Somehow I always knew."

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Until now, whenever I look at you and saw the night when you too broke, I can never bring myself to say the truth, because until now I know that on that roof and on that night, I looked at you and lied...

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kage fuchi -shadow abyss-

Report | 08/01/2008 12:24 am

kage fuchi -shadow abyss-

i miss you.