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Part of Houkito's 2nd Gen. WGmon. /win

Currently questing:
On an eternal quest for items w/ EYEPATCHES. <3


Name's Cat.
22. Cali-raisin.

Been around since 2006. . .yes.

I don't do much on here anymore. Hurrr.


I delete comments. Deal with it? o.o
Feel free to leave a random comment anyways.. even though I'll be sending it to oblivion after I reply to it. ;D

Cyanide & Happiness:

I draw my own art, but I'd be so much happier if you gave me some. ;o
Free art is win?

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I do art. Go to my art shop and make an order. (;

Got deviantART? Cattilac (watch me, darnit!)
Got NEOPETS? lovintheblue
Got TinierMe? Cattilac
Got AIM? Ask me for it.
Got MSN? blueenthuziast@hotmail.com

Got Facebook? Oh, wait. You can't have that. ;D
Got MySpace? Lolwut.



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Art by me.
Click it and go to my dA gallery, a'ight?

Will draw for bribes! ;u;