I plan to first be, and forever be, an Otaku. That is a person who loves to cosplay and is obsessed with anime. In this, I shall be L: Death Note, Ryuk: Death Note, Lust: FMA, Karou: Ouran HS Host Club, Sunako Nakahara: The Wallflower, Absol: Pokemon, Naruto: Deidara, Temari, Gaara, and maybe one other, and Horo: Spice and Wolf. These are all I know by memory, I will add things as I learn more. It won't be for a few more years till we make random videos, but all costumes I wear WILL be hand-made.

I do not drive for very good reasons. While on a four-wheeler, I chopped down a cherry tree like someone took an ax to it, ran over a tent, almost tipped the dang thing, and hit a trailer! God, that was bad... -lived- So, if I EVER drive, I'll let you know first so you know not to go outside.

Second, I've been on Gaia since 05, my account was hacked so I made this one... >>;;

Um, my personality to those who do not know me well, well.. I do not even know it much. That's so bad... But I'm one of those people who are modest, um .. that like to put other peoples thoughts and beings before mine, um.. What else... Oh, I'm normally very cheerful yet there are times when stress gets too much so I call those times my "black times" .. Hey, everyone has their flaws.

Ok.. What I like to do... Well, I'm a computer nerd to the full extent. I am on Gaia before school, right after school, and til I get tired at night. Horrible, huh? xD But other than that, I want to be an artist. I love charcoal and harsh things. But I have a nack for animals, they won't leave me alone.. Once I was face to face with a squrriel who was on a pole. xD

My future plans are to be an artist, yet as time goes on, I think I'd like to be a chef or a theripedic, someone who listens to people - a shoulder - Weird, I know..

Currently, it's as followed for the dear people of my life:

Boyfriend: N/A
Best Friends: LoneMoon, Star-Dreamer
Brothers: Ala, Slash, Matthew, Shadow, Rain, James, and Kel
Sisters: Winwy, Goth, and Jax

Note: I am an only child with only a mother to depend on. She was adopted so if you hear me talking about having no family, it's true.

My Favorite Saying: "Those in a hurry do not arrive." - Zen
My Favorite Anime ATM: Shugo Chara!
My Favorite Obsession: Naruto [ I'm trying to catch up so fast.. ]
My Favorite Soda: Sprite

The Do Yous..
Drugs: NO!
Smoke: NO!
Drink: NO!
Intercourse: NO!
Watch Anime like a Geek: Yes
Think Much about Yourself: No.



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cool profile

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Happy Birthday Catti!! Hope you're having a grand day! xd

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Happy birthday!!! I wanted to get you a gift, but I don't see a wishlist =( I hope you have a wonderful day though!!!

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xD Yus.
Kitty-Catti does be in the profiles of the Winwy's. o:

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heart Hows it going twin?
Alasken Tank - Saionji

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Alasken Tank - Saionji

Heyyy. Btw that really old message in my mail you sent me I have one thing to say... IT BURNS!
Queen Chiig

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Queen Chiig

>.> Hello?
Alexia Neculaii

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Alexia Neculaii

Love you avi, hun.

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my friend was friends with you so i just went to see her friendslist.... and i saw you loved deathnote as well!!! I LOVE L!!!! near was adorable.

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Cool avi biggrin


Update: I got my U.S.S.R. back, but now I do not have ANY files. Joyous. ><; I will be working to try to get them back. We'll see how it is in another update.