And so ends another year. New Years is nearly here, and Christmas closer yet. Soon all the department stores you go into will have Christmas Carols blaring every time you enter, assuming they haven't already. This also means, that all those tv networks you watch, will be overloading you will corny Christmas Specials and god forbid those CRAP Christmas movies, like Santa Clause 1, 2 and 3 and all that jaz. But Christmas alas, wouldn't be any fun without them.

A christmas however, also wouldn't be a Christmas without me making another list, (I think this is turning into a blog), so here I go: What Made 2007 Unforgetable

-The Total (for some) lunar eclipse
- The birth of some great movies, .... that I for the life of me can't remember right now
- The return of some great tv shows
- The final book of the Harry Potter Saga
- Some great hits,
- Getting a year older, and wiser
- Breakthroughs in modern medicine
- Earth Hour
- The Chasers breach of APEC security
- Paris Hilton going to Jail

And ..... What We'd Rather Forget about 2007

- The Last Harry Potter Book
- Nicole Richie breeding
- Another year of growing older, and wider
- The cancelation of Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls
- Another year of disappointment, that they won't make another season of Silversun, but instead two more of Blue Water High
- Pirates of the Carribean 3

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Report | 07/30/2008 12:17 am


hey I cant seem to put in my dream avi can u help?

Report | 07/29/2008 3:23 am


hmm.... nice avi looks exactly like you....


Report | 02/20/2008 2:02 am


we need to update our profiles...

Report | 12/22/2007 1:45 pm


very cool list cathy! XD We still need to organise stuff. MAN I wish I had dreamy donuts and iced tea now... Hungry as...

Anyways, we still need to organise something should be good.



Report | 10/18/2007 12:03 am


Hey bub! (lol) i just needed some g so instead of calling you or emailing (which you would never get anyway) i decided to comment you. we need to laminate the id thingy at lunch tomorrow. im staying behind at school so i can do it then but i thought you wouldn't wanna stay so ... yeah.

Report | 08/27/2007 8:15 am


Haha, me too!

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing about the author...I wonder if maybe somewhere online it would say. He really did a lovely job with it, some of the lines in there just made me tear up, they were so well-written and full of emotion (I know that sounds weird, but oh well).

If you're looking for another good book, Empire Falls, by Richard Russo, is a rather fast but engaging read. It took me a chapter or so to really get into it, but once I did, I just read for hours on end.

Report | 08/26/2007 11:37 pm


I couldn't stand it, I went and looked in the book for him.

Yeah, I liked him too, something about him held my attention, even though he did turn out to be an a**. I kept wishing for him to be nice, and then he'd go and make some rude comment to Cal(lie).

Report | 08/26/2007 9:10 pm


Oh gosh, I remember the name, but I can't remember who he was. I'm really glad you read it!

Report | 08/03/2007 5:40 pm


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Report | 07/17/2007 1:43 pm


thanks for shopping at my store =)


Pon & Zi

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