bdate- 29.07.199x
21.12.12 is the most important date to me

yo im not american, i attend uni, work in a salon, and i smell like bleach and giorgio armani x

im online hardly ever now cos rl n s**t u feel?



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amber is my best friend n 6hunna

art that isnt actually in order anymore-
this is my signature avi

people ive gotten vocaroos from: capt porn flakes, cats for breakfast, apriciti, xquizet,
wootish, 2 jamez, whaack v2, tohnee, averagewednesday, bulol, ashcroft the cat,
a w1ld cracka, sex and butterflies, dixio, nerorevolver, grace is a cancerous fggt,
perky step, azial, shwit, la dispoop, prismatic beat, miss caviar, SolMii

my pics r always infrared cos im danni phantum in cb
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inb4: no senpal drew the art on my sig + picked out this background pic cos she says i am actually kanba takakura