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LYRICS and Random Rambling

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Where You Don't Want To Go



Like a dream I had
In subconscious deep
Here you come again
Only in my sleep
And I remember you
I remember you
Like a memory
of a time gone by
Many things I've seen
Still I can't deny
That I remember you
Yes I remember the things you do to me

When you say my name
When you hold my hand
When you whisper in my ear the things
That only you could understand
When you say my name
When you hold my hand
When you touch me softly in the way
That only you can do
I remember you
I remember you

Every other touch
Runs as cold as ice
If I get too close
I may pay the price
But I remember you
Yes I remember the things you do to me


I would recognize your shadow in a crowded room
Change your name a million times
It wouldn't change my mind
Or what I hope to find
In your heart underneath
In a new rhythm I breathe
'Cause I remember you
I remember you
I remember you
I remember you
Yes I do


I remember you
And I want you to say my name
I remember you
And I want you to say my name
Say my name
Say my name
Say my name. . . I remember


Dorian Deveraux-Lead Singer of Jesus On Extasy
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Ville Valo-Lead Singer of HIM
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Emilie Autumn-Singer, Violinist, Pianist, and Designer
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Maria Brink-Lead Singer of In This Moment
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Javlon Report | 01/15/2009 6:09 am
Thanks <]
Javlon Report | 01/13/2009 5:08 pm
Okay, Good-news Bad-news time:

Bad:I had Brain Cancer.

Good:I had Cancer!
Razor Lolly-pop Girl Report | 01/12/2009 8:03 pm
I'm so envious of your hair! (lol) It is real? ... hum, not fake hair, I mean -_-* my English sucks, haha! XD Anyway, you have a beautiful style! ^^
Yuki-Neko90 Report | 01/11/2009 1:11 pm

I start college in April. I'm gonna miss being out of school, but I'm excited too! >.<
Yuki-Neko90 Report | 01/02/2009 3:10 am
Not much ~ you? ♥
x Aihpos x Report | 12/30/2008 11:25 pm
I love the song on your profile.
Javlon Report | 12/05/2008 3:09 pm
Thanks! But It needs some of those white-cloud-hakama-pants-thingees.
Javlon Report | 12/04/2008 7:24 pm

Anyway, I hope you have a happy Christmas!
Javlon Report | 12/02/2008 7:14 pm
...well yeah. Le sadness...
Javlon Report | 11/30/2008 8:00 am
I'm doing good, kinda! Sorta.


Cathedral [All_Black]'s avatar

Last Login: 02/24/2014 3:28 pm

Registered: 08/17/2006

Gender: Female

Location: Everywhere to you, nowhere to me


"Crazy in love, I'll say."
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Claude: Do see these nails?
Caz: Yes, those are very formidable nails...sir...

Esme: Are you crying?
Caz: I'm trying not to.

MNL: A rape-me-in-the-a** smile

Caz: Like I want to try to get those things off.
Emmett: *Rips pants off*
Caz: I'm offended! You think that if you just rip off your pants and show off your blazing erection I'm just going to jump all over--OH GOD! *jumps*
Emmett: I assumed right then.
Caz: Shut up!

Caz: I'm going to have myself an Emmett sundae, mwahahahaha!

Yukio: Devon's house. Let's make it to Devon's house. And then Devon's bedroom...or at least Devon's bathroom...O.o.

Devon: Come on and get up or I'll sit on you.
Yukio: I wouldn't have minded that... s**t! That was not supposed to come out!

Damien: Because ******** with people is so much fun.
Caz: At least I get ********.

Devon: Chocolate underpants?
Yukio: WTF? Chocolate underpants? That's the best you could come up with?

Damien: Just remember, we can't sell records if you give all our fans heart attacks.
Caz: Your sarcasm bothers me, I'd prefer if you'd refrain from it.

Devon: After all, we are both guys.
Yukio: We are also both gay!

Caz: Charmer? How derogatory! I don't think people and snakes should be put into the same category.
Emmett: Sometimes they are one and the same -- take yourself, for example.
Me: OH! I totally left him open to that and did not see it coming!

Me: Some time later OHS finished their performance, and [edit] is too lazy to describe specifically what happened, so whatever.

Mrs. Deveraux: I need another drink. Oh look! I have one!

Caz: Do you want to ******** me?
Emmett: That's a tempting offer.
Caz: Too bad it's NOT going to happen.

Caz: What are you doing?
Emmett: You told me to get up and lay down.
Caz: I told you to get up, not to lay down! Get out of my room!

Caz: Did you forget that I DO sleep with girls?

Emmett: Tell me or I'm going to whip you!
Caz: That wouldn't be so bad.
Emmett: *pushes him off the bed*
Caz: Hello floor. We are becoming good friends.

Caz: *Bangs leg* Owww!
Emmett: Did that hurt?
Caz: Yes.
Emmett: Let me see. *touches bruise*
Caz: *Whimper sigh*
Emmett: Doesn't it hurt? *touches again*
Caz: *Sigh* Yesss.
Emmett: ...*Mischievious smirk*

MNL: Oh he liked it.

Devon: Okay, I'll get naked with you. Oh! It's a heated pool, so...
Yukio: Sounds like fun...

Andre: I don't need your help, man-b***h!

Shido:Well considering this is a hospital bed, what do you think?
Cain: I probably could have made you sleep better.

Doctor: I need to check up on Mr. Tatsuhiko, but I already know he is not ready to engage in sexual activity. Which means, get off of him.

Cain: You know, if you are hiding something from me, I will find out. You can keep no secrets from me. I am your god, and I'm always watching you, remember that.


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I'm that hottie! ^_^

Miserable Truth

Back after eternity! Hoped you didn't miss me too much!

((Hello. I'm not too sure what to say. I'm Sexy_Foxxy_Babe, mainly because I'm Yoko Kurama (Not Suuichi), Shippo, and Naruto, and I am a sexy beast, lol jk. I'm nuts! This is my second account, yeah... I love muffins! Yay muffins! I also like to use French. I'm only in French 4, but I do love the language.))

Ok, so I'm not Sexy_Foxxy_Babe, but I used to be! Now I'm Cathedral [All_Black]. Such a big difference, ne? That's because I'm totally different now MWAHAHAHA! I've changed enough to admit my social skills SUCK! Especially on the internet. It's not that I'm not a nice person, I just find it hard to be myself and social on the internet. JUST THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO KNOW!!! ^^

OMG, also I love love love love love love Detective Conan!!!! And Ouran High School Host Club ^^. They are my favorite animes!

Along with that my favorite music artist is Emilie Autumn (if you can't tell.) Often my favorites change with whatever mood I'm in, for I love many different genres of music, so on and so forth. But I'm always in the mood for Emilie Autumn. (Ooo yummy. Though I didn't mean it that way.) I guess it's because she has such (versatile?) music, it's hard not to find a song by her that doesn't fit your current mood. And I could ramble about her some more (you have no idea how much) but I shall talk about other things as well.

Other than music, which is my life, I love fashion and make-up. Almost like your typical girly girl, but not, because as you can see in that very sexy picture of the very sexy me (modesty is so overrated) I am more into an alternative type of fashion and make-up. Music, fashion, and make-up are my present and future, and I will one day take over popculture! I've already started assembling my team. Sadly, I don't really sew much anymore though. I'm broke and so is my sewing machine, which I'm too lazy to fix. But very soon I will get right back on that, when I get a job and start using the sewing machines of my friends and my ol' sewing teacher. Another reason why I need money, I'm running out of make-up, so I haven't been coming up with very many creative ideas lately. Another reason I need money, I'm tired of my keyboard RUNNING OUT OF BATTERIES!!! Why am I telling you guys about this?

Inspirations? For my music, it's really strange, but lately nature has been my main muse. I can't really explaining, because it's not like I'm just writing a song about trees, the end. Usually it's something in nature that triggers a certain emotion or something within me, and viola! I have a song about unrequited love and comparing it to a storm. (That was not a fun day....)

For fashion, I'm inspired by a lot of things, which is what, I guess, makes my style "unique." I have a couple of favorite things I like to do. I love combining styles. I love accessorizing(sp?). And I love making male fashions feminine. I've always had a love for men's fashion, they just have the coolest clothes! But, growing up with an older sister and my mother and having a father who ACTUALLY wanted his daughter to be prissy (WHY DAD?! WHY?!?!) made my quest to crossdress impossible. BUT, I've been able to incorporate that same fascination into my "femininity..." (WITH THE USAGE OF THE WORDS I CAN'T SPELL!) Also, from my different musical backgrounds also comes a broad love for different styles, in which I dip and dab in. ALSO, accessories are extremely fun. I believe that is actually what really makes an outfit, or as I normally say "It's not what you wear but how you wear it." And blah blah, enough about that.

Lastly, my inspiration for make-up? Good question! Anything can inspire my make-up, but I love doing stagey make-up kind of stuff. As people have said, it's like the stuff you see in magazines, but I wear everyday, lol. For me, it's just like intense dressing up for intense playing pretend. ^_^



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Item List:
Black Gloves
Black Tie
Coal Gunner Hat
Dead Sexy Midnight Coat
Drop Dead Gorgeous Midnight Heels
Drop Dead Gorgeous Moonlight Gown
Whip of Fire
Zorro Mask

Estimated Total: 44,443 Gold
(Estimated with known item values on 15 January 2007)

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Total Value: 73,257 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Black Stockings
Black Web Stockings
Ballet Toe Shoes
Angelic Microphone
Dead Sexy Blood Bat Cravat
Elegant Black Satin Corset
Elegant Feathered Mask (Rose Pinions)
White Nurse Skirt

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Total Value: 32,406 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Red Wine Pimpin' Hat
Crimson Red Pimpin' Cane
G-LOL Dark Mistress Skirt
Striped Stockings
That Red 90s Vest
G-LOL Dark Mistress Top
Red Leather Belt
Buttoned Down Feather Boots
Zorro Mask
Red Star Face Tattoo
White Medical Gloves

User Image
Total Value: 44,960 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Fairy Wings
Blue Tribal Torso Tattoo
Blue Tribal Left Arm Tattoo
Blue Tribal Right Arm Tattoo
Blue Tribal Bottom Tattoo
Black Strapless Bra
Soft Black Underwear

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Total Value: 103,528 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Nitemare Collar
Orphan's Elephant Doll
Superior Form
Doll Ears
Rat Ears
Dead Sexy Midnight Coat
Chalk Glamrock Sleeveless Top
Blushing Bride's Embroidered Skirt

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Total Value: 27,820 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Coal Gunner Boots
Black Gloves
Studded Leather Collar
Elegant Black Lace Fan
Dotted Party Dress
Ballerinas Circlet
Black Stockings

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