LIN | 21 | NY

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I think I'm a very polarizing person, because either you like my realness or hate my crudeness. Currently busy with college, trying to get a double BA in economics and political science. I have a penchant for overthinking and worrying about the future.

I'm open to chatting, so PMs are always welcome. I'm quite awkward and lonely where I am, but I think that's because I think people dislike me a lot. My humor is a mix of really messed up humanities references and gross innuendoes.

I'm currently taken; I used to change boyfriends relatively quickly until recently. Although...


Plz I'm a fragile soul who crumbles under judgement ;_;

Lowkey trying to sing professionally.

emotion_kiss Currently Questing emotion_kiss

Rabu Rabu Deito - 40k

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I finally got these quests biggrin

Choice Poison - 40k plat
Song of the Newborn - 24k plat
The Surgeon - 40k plat
Mama's Sinny Legs - 24k plat
Your Angel By the Sea - DONATED BY NUMB_XIX emotion_jawdrop emotion_bigheart
Bard Fatale - DONATED BY NUMB_XIX !!!
Clear Gentle Seal - DONATED BY NUMB_XIX (i feel so spoilt c' smile