Thanks to the boitches who are looking at meh profile. If you don’t already know I’m ViiNTAGE_ODDiiTY. Well I used to be BlackLaceCocktail (highlight to find out). Well, you can call me Vinny or Odd. Well my “real” is Emily. My age? Somewhere between 13-15 (not that hard to figure out).

Label? Hmm, well none. Why? Because I can’t be labeled. Many have tried, only one has had some idea. My friend Andrea. If you liked to know what she thought. It was these three combined. Hippy, Indie Rocker, and Krusty. But other than that nothing. I’m TGFL (Too Good For Labels).

I’ve been on Gaia for a couple of mounths. Mostly for the purposes of rping and messaging.

I’m Mexican-American. That’s right there are Mexican’s on Gaia. o: I have some writing abilites, if I was able to get into English honors. Most tell me I should try to be a writer, but usually I get bored with most of the stuff I write. I want to be either a intrior designer or design wedding dresses. I love to be creative.

I could be your friend. Note: I will never talk to a person first, unless I find them interisting. I have only friend that I have ever talked to first. Which is TillxGone.

Special Dedication to:
Coolest, Sweetist friend a
Girl could have.

I have an obssesion with the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. I love everthing about those era’s! I also think I wasn’t supposed to be born in the 1990’s. I don’t relate and hate everthing about my genration.

Help me get my dream avi!

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Total Value: 372,442 Gold, 1,020 Tickets
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Item List:
Chucky The Rubber Ducky
SDPlus Special #1 Gold Ivan
Birthday Crown
Yellow Fold-over Socks
Powdy Pengy
Lemon Feel Better Lolly
Simple Yellow Skirt
Panda Hoodie
Oculus Magica
Sasha's Blue Hibiscus


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i just happened by yer avie and had to come tell you that it is utterly darling :]
6Lifes A Broadcast9

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6Lifes A Broadcast9

Hello! Hi, I play the Cynic in the rp the Aftermath and I was just wondering if you could please post!>.< I don't like to sound pushy but he really can't do anything without his students. Since he's hated by everyone else...well one of his students kind of hates him to...but oh well.XD
Couch Crumb Frosting

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Couch Crumb Frosting

thanks sooo much hun! <3
*adds to journal* 8D

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cuttee avii <3
Ultra Lollipop_Goddess

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Ultra Lollipop_Goddess

Copy and paste this into 10 profiles and press f5 to refresh the page you will see a blue giftbox floating around your screen which has a katana
Ultra Lollipop_Goddess

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Ultra Lollipop_Goddess

hey! :]

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