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Want to Know Something About Me?

OKAY last I checked I updated this 4 years ago. I only updated my favorite colors. So much has changed in 4 years like holy hell. Take all this info with a grain of salt LOL. Timestamp of me writing this: July 14th 2021

A Little Bit About Myself

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The 3D Face Behind The 2D Sprite
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Don't let the dark color fool you! I wear both dark/monochrome and colorful clothing~

Name: Hannah
Age: 28; Born in '93 if I forget to update this.
Orientation: Heterodemisexual & Sapiosexual
Status: Player 2 since July 20th, 2017
Height: 5'2"
Sign: Cancer ♋ (I'm sometimes considered a Cusp between Cancer and Gemini)
Social: Ambivert (Equal parts to both an Extrovert & an Introvert. I go to the extreme sides of both! Keep that in mind.)
Blood Type: O negative
Favorite Candy(s): Cotton Candy anything & Gummy Bears
Favorite Snack(s): Shrimp Chips/Crisps, Tako (Octopus) Chips, and other Korean/Japanese/Asian Snacks of that Nature
Favorite Color(s): Yellow, Grey, and Blue! It used to be Purple, Red, and Black, but I just got tired of seeing them everywhere.
Least Favorite Color(s): Green and Pink.
Favorite Metal(s): Silver, Platinum, Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel
Least Favorite Metal(s): Gold, Copper, Bronze
Favorite Gemstone(s): Opals & Quartz (Needs an update. I adore gems and minerals and learning about them)
Least Favorite Gemstone(s): Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires
Favorite Flower: The Lantana Flower + Many Others (Needs to be updated. I love SO many flowers)
Collections: Video Game Merchandise (Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, & Pokemon), Game Guides, Pteranodons/Pterodactyls, MLP:FiM (Rarity), Neopets, Teddy Bears (Vintage/Steiff/High Quality Brands), Vintage Cameras, Keychains, Erasers, TMNT, Raccoon items, and much, much more... On a side note, I really really want to collect more trading cards. I have a ton, but I MUST HAVE MORE. FEED THE HABIT.
Other things I'm obsessed with: Skulls, Burro Piñatas, & The Loch Ness Monster/Nessie.

Still don't know enough about me and want to know more?

Loves emotion_bigheart

-The love of my life, Eder
-My bestestest friends Cheshire, Troy, Raph, Jonathon, Jim, & Haseo
-My kitty meow Jiji & My puppy woof Dodge
-My departed doggie Tiger
-My Best Friend & Friends
-Raccoons, Bears, Bats, Foxes, Cats, Turtles, Snails, & Cows
-Video Games
-Geeky & Techy stuff
-Saxophones (I play Alto), Pianos, Violins
-Nature (Moss, Ivy, & Honeysuckle. They are absolutely gorgeous~ )
-Gemstones & Minerals
-Dinosaurs & Fossils
-Gingerbread Cookies/Cake
-Sushi, Soy Sauce & Ramen
-Oranges & Watermelons
-Cinnamon & Brown Sugar
-Vampires (The original ones)
-Chibi-Robo, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Pokemon, & Paper Mario
-The stars, the moon, & night sky (Astronomy!)
-Oceans and Forests
-Rain & Thunderstorms
-Day Dreaming
-Manga & Anime
-Metal, Death Metal, & Techno

emotion_bigvein Dislikes
-Animal Abuse/Abusers
-Debating. I do not enjoy this activity one bit and I will hide away if someone attempts to start a debate with me.
-Bugs (More specifically insects and arachnids)
-Basically all items that involve Chocolate & Cheeses (Including Cream Cheese)
-Zombies (Yeah, I know they've exploded in popularity recently. I tolerate them, but I still don't care for them.)
-Most Rap & Most Country Music
-Being yelled at/Spoken to sternly

That should be plenty of information for the beginner stalker, such as yourself. (Hue) If you want to know more, you'll just have to ask~ Feel free to leave a comment or send me a PM.


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gaia_star Donators gaia_star

Ink & Tickets
TentacleXPsychologist: Ink!
N i z r i f a: Ink and Tickets!
Rihaden: Lots of ink!
Fate Disaster: Lots of ink!
UnicornKeeper: Lots of ink!
Alucard the Ripper: Lots of ink!
BeautifulDisaster1496: Lots of ink!
Vendaval de la Luz: Lots and lots if ink!
Star Ingd Eathe: Lots of ink and tickets!
Cheshrawr: Lots of tickets!
Lavender-the-9-tailed-fox: Tons and tons of ink and Some Tickets!
HOPPY-SAN: The most ink anyone has ever given me ever. Ever. My Goodness.


DDTS: Lilja's Petals
Orawan: Little Black Bat!
Valkyrie_Chirei: Coco Kitty Mascot Suit!
Lil Niva: Hatroid~
Stray_Ookami: Long Stem Black Rose
katkotsu: Kappa Plush!
ZombieLeech: Chicky!
-Rainbow-Painted-Panda-- : Churpy!
Masha-sama: Sharktooth Wings!
Alucard Belmont Reborn: Bibbles!
uzumakinaruto1111: Vampire Hunter hat!
FrozenWater: Bunnihilation & Fresh Mixed Veggie Basket! heart
Angelisia1995: [Animal] Mysterious Imp heart
Kico127: Gothic Veil, Fallen Wish 10th Gen., Demonic Wind, Yama no Tamago 3rd gen., GRS Agent Ivan Doll, and Yokai's treasure!
An Anonymous Donator: Mysterious Stealthy Scouter (Thank you, whoever you are!)

Birthday Wishes
Cheshrawr gifted me: [Animal] Hooded Fighter
You're so great, dude~ ^^ heart

Special Donations
Long long ago, Prince Morado donated the last 20k to get my Kiki! I will never forget this~ heart

An Act of Kindness
Prince Morado, Xzelly, Meg, iD A I S Yx, Kitilyn, Flying Chickens, Demonic Cho Hakkai: Panda Slippers! heart
When my dog, my baby, Tiger passed away, Prince Morado (D0FU) gathered a lot of his friends together to get the money to buy me some panda slippers. This memory will always hold a special place in my heart.

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Oh man this stuff is so old...

Personality Record: 2008 or earlier
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I'll miss you...
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Extra Tidbit:
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I don't fall for scammers. Don't try to scam me or this will happen to you. And for those who aren't scammers, DON'T FALL FOR THIS CRAP!


Current mood: I'm old. gaia_duck My profile is ancient dang.

This was also drawn by the amazing Cheshrawr! What an amazing friend he is~ emotion_kirakira
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Milk Tea Bunilla Report | 09/03/2021 3:38 pm
Milk Tea Bunilla
thanks for purchasing!
purple velvet girl Report | 07/23/2021 9:04 pm
purple velvet girl
Thank you, purple is my most used account. Hope you have a good day.
OtakuKat Report | 08/26/2019 1:18 pm
Thanks for buying 3nodding
DarkRybrin Report | 06/01/2019 6:28 pm
I understand what you're talking about and it is the links at fault, you're not insane. Gaia, during it's server move, right before and after it as well, was on a different database for images during that time period. The broken images have to be fixed manually, as when it moved all the pictures to the correct database for retrieval, it broke links. Link me the thread so I can give you an example, and then the easiest way I've found to deal with the issue, is to take the whole post into a word processor with the ctrl+find+replace function, and mass replace everything in the document with just a couple clicks.

Again, sorry about changes. Unfortunately it's messy evidence of the site being older, and it actively evolving. We're on faster and more stable servers now, for instance, but boy, did anything from that transition era get wonky...I had to update quite a few CSUs.
DarkRybrin Report | 06/01/2019 6:12 pm
I'm sorry dear. All browsers have entirely blocked the ability to play Astras. Gaia will have an HTML alternative someday, but the App and all the games are first priorities as far as what gets ported over.
I understand your frustration. Right now all that we can have that moves with our avatars are our Kin from Lake Kindred. Those are on the HTML system.
Dragon Charlie Black Report | 05/31/2019 8:01 am
Dragon Charlie Black
Thanks for buying...

"[Animal] Mad Labtech's Hat"
Shiroyuki Himeno Report | 10/05/2018 6:44 pm
Shiroyuki Himeno
Thanks for your purchase heart
theforestgypsy Report | 04/15/2018 5:30 am
thank you for shopping at the caravan of curiosities
do come again sometime
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thank u 4 buying at my store
hope u like it n enjoy it
hope to see u again soon cat_4laugh
Udoli Report | 03/31/2018 12:24 pm
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Blub Blub~

Your aquarium is undergoing maintenance!


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If the price of an item looks like a cheap undercut in my store, chances are the person slightly more expensive than me had undercut me first. If you undercut me, I will undercut you. I feel that is only fair at this point.

Donations greatly appreciated~
I accept all items in the game tab and special tab! (And any other unwanted items you have)
[Please note that this is just for donation only, not for trading]

Currently, I really appreciate trading for wishlist items above everything else.
I will only trade for: Wishlist Items and Heart/Star/Diamond Charms.
As well as gold and mythrill coins, obviously.

Feel free to PM me offers on expensive items I have listed. I often make them expensive when I have not seen the item listed or sold in years. Lowball offers will be ignored.
Please only send me PMs for trades. Do not comment on my profile when offering to trade. It will be ignored. Thanks!

If you want an item with a 5% discount, send me a PM and we can trade instead!


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