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I will have a list of all the characters I currently roleplay with pictures and the basic need-to-know facts, but for now, I need to join some groups and get to know some people so that I can become a well-known and beloved gaian! Love you guys <3

Categories I am DEFINITELY willing to partake in:
-harry potter

I am always up for something new, however, so if you would like to create your own topic for a roleplay, I would love to join! Here's the thing though; I am a PARA roleplayer. I roleplay in third person, past tense form. Usually around three or more paragraphs will be my minimum reply length. I don't mind how long your responses are. I don't mind that at all. But PLEASE, if you are going to roleplay with me, please please PLEASE do it in third person, past tense form. That's all I ask.


Cassie's Character List

Elliot Milsburn
Harry Potter Original Character

Gender: Female
Birthday: April 15th
Age/Year: 17 - 7th year
Hometown: Southwick
Current Town: Edinburgh
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Dark Brow
Eyes: Dark Brown
Father: Parker Walton
Mother: Bryony Milsburn
Wand size: 12"5
Wand Wood: Willow, supple
Wand Core Strand of Veela hair
Patronus: A small red fox.
Broom: Nimbus.

Further Physical Description: Elliot has dark reddish-brown hair and soft almond shaped dark brown eyes. Her cheek bones are probably her best physical quality being very prominent and turning a soft tinge of pink when she smiles. She has a few freckles that trail along the bridge of her nose and the apples of her cheeks. She has long black eyelashes and beautifully broad shoulders. Her fingers are long and thin, her hands always cold and dry. Her fingernails, however, are almost always short due to her constant habit of tearing and chewing on them. She has many habits, in fact, including twitching her nose. She is tall and slender with a broad chest.
Makeup -- not much, maybe a little bit of black eyeliner and mascara.
Hair Style -- Long and straight, but sometimes she prefers to wear it cropped and messy with long swoopy bangs. She is good with transfiguration and can grow her hair back quickly at will within two to three days.
Picture -- bahh, coming soon ;b
Personality Description: Elliot is a quirky one but always spontaneous and unpredictable. Her personality just depends on the day. She tends to be very emotional. (NOT EMO, you guys...just emotional...like when she's happy, she's really happy. when she's angry, she's really angry) She stands out in the social crowd, but is easily loved. You just cannot describe her personality in words.
History: Elliot Milsburn's mother, Bryony, fell in love with a man who had descended from a long line of deatheaters, which is always a good way to get yourself disowned from a family (which she was). Elliot was conceived by Parker Walton, a man who enjoyed using the imperious curse against innocent and unsuspecting victims.
While secretly, Bryony was still seeing Parker, she didn't tell Elliot, nor did she let Parker visit his daughter. But the girl knew all about it because...well...she just wasn't that naive. She was raised by her mother for sixteen years in a small home in Southwick, England, However, deciding it would be best to just not associate herself with Bryony, she distanced herself over time.
Elliot's magical abilities were discovered at a very young age when she was found levitating above her bed, in her sleep, when she was five years old. She was not told this until her Hogwarts letter came.
When it came, Elliot chose to be sorted into Hufflepuff, partially because she wanted to be the complete opposite of her mother, who was sorted into Slytherin, but also because being called a Hufflepuff seemed nothing but right to her.
When Elliot turned 17 she said her cold and blatant goodbyes to her mother. Her mother was, naturally, hurt; breaking down sobbing and practically getting on her knees and pleading for Elliot to understand her situation.
"Please, just let me be your mother, for once -- EAVY, PLEASE!" the last words that Elliot had heard come from her mother's lips were choked out through tears and uncontrollable hiccups. Right before she shut the door behind her. She left for Edinburgh, where she got her own apartment.
She still wonders at times if the choice she had made was the right one. If her mother was really an evil person, or just a woman who had been mislead and pulled into a deep hole that she couldn't get herself out of. And she still wonders if she should take a visit to see her father, who apparently, loved her just as much as her mum. But she has yet to admit to anyone who her parents were and she refuses to call her self her mother's daughter.
Interests/Likes: Elliot has always loved magic but has been mostly interested in muggle studies. Everything about their culture intrigues her. The fact that they can get through life without a wand is just baffling to her. She loves to write and read, but mostly laze around the common room and out beside the lake. Rain is her favorite thing in the entire world. And thunderstorms make her even happier. She loves to wander the halls of the school at night time, but don't tell anyone, okay? Its actually rather complicated getting out of the dormitories in the evening. Especially when you have to avoid running into house elves. And Hufflepuff's common room being next to the kitchens does not make it any easier. Hogwarts is her favorite place to stay and always will be. Its kind of imbedded into her heart and now that its her last year, she seems to be becoming quite touchy on the subject of leaving. Be careful talking about the future with her.
Dislikes: Elliot strives in divination and astronomy, of course, these two subjects work hand-in-hand. But she isn't that interested in them, to be honest. It is expected of her to take these classes and do her best in them in respect of her ancestors, so she does. She appreciates them, but doesn't care for them too much. She hates competition between friends, but it always seems to get in the way, as it does for most girls her age. She doesn't really like sports all the much but having attended Hogwarts for seven years, quidditch has sort of grown on her.

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