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I cannot tell my story without going a long way back, back to my place of religion. You can no longer find this place... only in the one who beholds the memory of such a place & such beauty one can only stagger to imagine its reality. The only problem of recalling this place of tranquility is that there is only one whom can recall it, & she stays hidden...

The place, the setting of such civilization was amazing, although, I who witnest such could speak other of the tradition itself. In the system of a persons birth you were to be born with a symbol, of an amimal, that symbol would stand for everything that you were. Your animal gave you the mark of birth right, to be the animal, was to be that element, that fear, that marriage, that language, & body type. In my case, my symbol was a moon in the third eye(rare), it represented the animal the wolf, & the elements (for me there were two) air & fire. In the event of being given a symbol, the symbol automaticly gives a specific type language, that only your own kind could speak. Despite the fact that we were completely different (the civilization) we lived together... & in my case: a living hell. When we became 'rightfull age' our Dams & Sires would marry us off to another of the same, although I didnt go through that mess I know that I would hate it.

In our own kinds we were all different right down to the very cores of our existence, and in the physical aswell. As my physical appearance gave me a moon in the third eye, long & inter-changable hair, slim/ lean body, silver & white wings, blue eyes, & the ability to change into my symbolice animal, the wolf.
But there was one thing that linked all of my once existing type; our greatest fear, as the wolf was water. To fear the soul to be sealed to the unending chains of enboundment... to be tamed.


I studied my surounding carefully and with precaution, taking in every last bit of detail there was. The skies, they were blue...a vivid blue, they matched the forests green blanket perfectly. Then I closed my eyes and listened, I listened for what I had no idea was coming, I was waiting for them, I wanted to know who was searching for I stod in the olive green and yellow pasture, unarmed, and willing. I could hear their hearts many of them, it made me wonder, I could hear their harsh breath, their feet shaking the ground beneath them, like thunder - but I could not see them...not yet at least. Then a gentile sound of grass being swadded caught my attention. With curiousity I opened my eyes, not with hesitation, but thats not the right word, I guess should probably say...peace. What I saw was my life, right before me staring straight into my eyes with intent, no I was not about to die, and I did not - of course, but this was something wonderful, graceful, gentile...and most improtantly, as I had life.

A small and gentile smile drew across my face, I then took a step forwrd. It sniffed the air, and raised it's ears, happiness flowed throught it's eyes; likes open windows, letting in a soft wind. I walked towards the creature in interest, I was already looking down at it, reaching my hand out with no warning. Unlike a human, I had no fear, my subconcious (with even more judgment than my concious) already knew that it was safe, but, for a human, would have quivered in fear. I silently rushed my hand through the white, thick mane. I was entranced by the intelligence in the animals, pearl-black eyes...and followed the traceing of the them by the black, almost onyx coloured eye outlineing. Then out of the forests dark enclosure, there came many more of it's kind. Some were coated with brown, grey, white, black, and clay-red. The eldest were easy to find, they were (of course) the most unhealthy - at maybe 18 to 20 years of age. The alpha male and female were also easy to pick out, they held their ears straight and high - unlike the others - but the alpha had approached me already, probably checking the suroundings before the rest of the group. I was indeed, if you hadnt guessed it already, standing in front of a pack of wolves.

No wolves were not literally my life, but, I base my life around the things that are important to me, and in my life they were the only ones that mattered. For some reason I was born with no love for any other of my kind, and we are very rare to come apoun. No one knows for sure what are life, minds, emotions, or even physical features are like. We are very anonymous, answers are twisted around like clay, thoughts and ideas corrupted, not one being has been able to pin-point the right answers. I as well, have not come full circle with my abilities to be honest - but, I have figured this much, I would do anything to protect any one that matter more to me than my own life. That was very uncommon - but very true. This wolf was different, as though it had a sort of cut in the pack...but it didnt seem to fit the wound. I wanted this feeling - that I had never felt before - to stay with me forever. I wanted to see what was so specail about them that made my heart, that was hidden so deep into the abiss, to finally beat, like a living creatures would - but that was shattered by the abrubt sound of crows taking flight away from the pasture they once, were in. I turned with absolute grace, as the crows that took flight created a coating of black across the sky.


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oh i like your name and your profile. i didnt copy ur name i was searching greek names for a project so i liked cascadia so i went to put it as my user name but it was taken so i had to put the X in front of it and then i searched cascadia to see how many other ppl have that name. some of my friends made fun of my name im glad someone appreciates the name cascadia anyways so thats how i staggered on to your profile too rambly? ~.~
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haha i couldnt remember my password for sooooo long haha but i got it today ;p
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Oh! Don't you worry! I was just feeling down, feeling stressed out from school'n stuff. I have a little time before the next semester starts, and I intend on relaxing until. Which DOES include dancin' dont'cha'know. How about you? How're ya?
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WELL. Here's a random comment back for you. And thanks, I read that whole block'a text you have goin' on there, quite enjoyable. I'm going to friend you, and you're going to like it.
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