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Yo the name is...well its up there read if your that lazy that you dont want to then its eduardo. Im 13 yes very suprising even though i act as if im like an older guy 16 and turning 17 this year. c; My birthday is the 27th of December so start ******** counting ._. i have tons of nicknames but here are my favorite ones:Wawo(kinda of a dog name that i got from my friends for saying wow alot) Ed,Eddy(Sam always calls me this xD you still rock though) and Eggnog (christmas nickname xD) Gopher(playing soccer and popping from one place to another). That it for my nicknames now bout my friends. I dont appreciate you really screwing with them horribly to the point were they are sad as hell then im stuck like "holy s**t thats horrible" and im not a very cheery guy as i used to be oh well coughpubertycough >_> yea so dont mess with my friends alot or else your going to hav a bit of a long arguement >< Well here are my friends Hershey-Eh i know we argue alot but still your my friend moving on Miranda-Cough uh what to say oh heres one word CRAZY >< yea well you do bring up the mood from dirty pond water to moutain spring water Ninja-forgot your name but holy s**t your like another brother of mine xD Sam-lets keep this simple since your like my very very very long lost mother (shes a very light ****** as im a very black white person C smile Your awsome Katelyn-hmmm i go back to a rally and you say sorry for no reason xD anyways dont regret meeting you Candy-Uh idk your just idk ._. a person? xD no offense but i barely met you so dont expect much from this >< Hauntly- Kit-kat vs Twix kit-kat is just plain crunchy ><
Thats bout it for my friends. feel free to talk to me i like meeting new people(some) and feel free to look down at the (now very expensive) art i got from Ohmonah Keep doing art and if someone thinks your art sucks just follow this:
1. -SLAP-
2. b***h please you cant do any better then this
3. Repeat the first thing xD

P.s. Thany you Ohmonah.Shes the best artist ull ever find.If u dont think her arts good then ur F-cked up.Heres a link to her shop if you want awsome art like this
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