My name is carly.
i am a freshman.
I have a lot of friends.

I truthfully dont care much about gaia.

my life is my all myspace
and sports.

i play softball


and basketball.

i am the pitcher for softball

and imma starter fer volleyball.

basketball? i hate it. haha.
i used to run track but i gave up after we got new coaches.

i have an amazing boyfriend named jacob.
this kid is my life.
i love him to death.
ive liked him for 1 year, and finally we get together.
i dont care what anyone says. i love him

this is mee(= you want annymmoree? add me or messsage me fer the digits(:

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^ this is a picture of me and my friend Alex.
shess amaznigg. this girl will help you have the worst day of your life.
and change into something way different,. she is such a good

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^This is me And my frann Kali(: this girls. i cannot explain her. were together non stop. this girl freaking hilarous. everything that comes out of her mouth is fystey haaa. if anyone mess's w. her..

there will be problems.
so just watch it(=

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^these are my volleyball fags(=
it goes teagan, Olivia, olivias pop tart, racheelll, and mee(=
hhaa. we went threw gottann 1st the whole season.

were the best.. and if it wasnt for any of us. we wuldnt have it(=


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^LYDIA!! i lover this girlyy.haha shes so fun to be around.
ahha. shes like my cousin in a way. but idk. kinda a confusing situation.
but either way i love her to death.
shes amazinggg.
and always there for me.

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^this is tattorr!
haha. the BEST sister there is out there.
me and her have been close for ilke 5 years.
i love this girl so much. shes like my best firend.
i can tel her everythign and not worrying bout her telling aanyyonee.
i love her to death nd if it wasnt fer her. i wouldnt be able to live in this house alone(=

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Thiss beee mee!
haa. yeah. im 14.
young anndd fressh.

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^me ben and angel.
because i got high.
because i got high.
because i got high.
haha. these are amazingg loserrs.
haha. id otn care what anyone says. they're the s**t!