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Why hello there! You seem to have stumbled upon my profile. Please do take a seat and I shall tell you a little about myself in a listed form. Do relax, and I shall offer you some bubbly, as you are my guest. (My 'bubbly' is just tea with a straw. You can make your own bubbles. Just don't bubbly it up too much and burn yourself with the tea, it's scalding hot.) Feel free to message me at any time! I love meeting new people ^-^

Chelsea, pronounced "Chel-see-ya". If you pronounce it "Chel-see" I will eat your soul.


In a relationship.


Sexual Orientation

Soft sounding music to fall asleep to, things that squeak when you squeeze them, small pudgy birds, small pudgy children, fine point sharpies, acoustic guitar solos, mimes, sour gummy worms, scaring small guinea pigs, scaring small children, manners, good grammar and spelling, when people stutter, baby ducks, when someone's voice cracks, accents, yellow butterflies.

My boyfriend Ethan [McSkunk on Gaia], walking outside barefoot after it's just rained, Harry Potter series, Pixie Stix, exotic hair colors, awkward people, sour foods, complimenting strangers.

Most cats, people that obsessively hate over someone, toothpicks, spicy foods, hypocrites, Twilight series, people who refuse to spell correctly, reality TV shows, people using the word "emo", people using the word "gay" when they mean dumb or stupid, having to work with other people I don't know, being insulted by someone I don't know, hospital shows, thunderstorms.

What makes me cringe
People smacking when they eat, the sound of someone chewing ice, the sight of someone's tongue being pierced, surgery videos, the process of putting on the rubber band they put around your arm right before you draw blood at the hospital.

Oh my, look at me going on about myself. I really ought to shut this trap of mine.

My my, it would seem that I'm all out of bubbly now. Tsk Tsk. I am a bad profile hostess.

As a human, I admit to:

☒ Trying to balance the light switch in between the on and off position.

☒ Flinching when the toast pops up from the toaster.

☒ At one point of time, trying to see if I had super powers.

☒ Trying to pull the blankets up and accidentally smacking myself in the face.

☒ Tripping on a bump in the sidewalk and break out into a jog as if it would cover up the small trip I made.

☒ Getting mad at my alarm clock when it wakes me up. And getting even more upset when it doesn't.

☒ Narrating what I'm doing at random times.

☒ Giggled at something that happened a long time ago in a dead silent room.

☒ Stepped on only the black tiles on the floor, avoiding the rest because they were "lava".

We're all human. And it's the small quirks that make us so. ^_^ Love your mistakes and silly doings.