Uhm, not much to say, really.


Sehjenkai - A Nestegg and Oh My Gumball and a P. Lotus (first gen.) and Demonic Anklets and and lots more stuff and 2x Sealed Jan '09 Letters, Aquarium Bubbler, Death Whisper, Fallen Wish AND 2.03mil!!!!!!!! surprised heart
shadowf0xer - Case of Pietro, Black Wolf, Smok the Baby Dragon, Koi and 100k! surprised heart
Bartimaeus Fowl - Death Album surprised heart
Poppci - Flame Sword surprised heart
Topsy Krett - 140k and Time Piece!! surprised heart
Sothe - Nano-C (first gen.) surprised heart
Kaiser Kopaka - Sealed Dec '08 Letter surprised heart
Vulgaris-Cretin - Sealed Dec '08 Letter surprised heart
Gregory House Returns - 80k and a sh*tbox of rings surprised heart
SinfulGaze - Jixie's Charm surprised heart
Master of Dread - 25k surprised heart
Six_feet_under - Gift of the Goddess and 9k surprised heart
White_Wolf_Blaze - 7k surprised heart
Nameless Person - A Spirited Scarf, and Chain of Command! surprised heart
Corrupt-d - 10k surprised heart
1 Otaku 1 - Yama No Tamago & Holy $#17 surprised heart
Sansore - 5k surprised heart
iMetamorphosis - 10k surprised heart
Fukubi - Letter containing Vampire Hunter Hat surprised heart
Rosemiko - Spartan Sandals and Spartan Gloves surprised heart
cheeseums - 14k surprised heart
Captain Coosh - Dander surprised heart
PollyDot - 12.8k and Cocoon surprised heart
Kiwi Condom - 75k surprised heart
Demonic Fires - Were Tail and Reindeer Slippers surprised heart
anarchistARCHANGEL - Scar of the Hero surprised heart
The Velvet Desire - 1k heart
Ashwinderrr - Dirty Newspaper Combover, White Shirt, Bullseye TShirt, Island Girl Wig, Berry Snug Balloon Skirt, Drill Bit, 14 Fishing Nets, 79 Old Crumpled Newspapers, 11 Cicadas. heart
Bartimaeus Fowl - 1k heart
Outgoing Introvert - 13 Black inks heart
Microphone Rain - Amounts of gold I don't remember. heart
Sailor_Taiyo - 1k and 7 Black Inks heart
Infectious Human Waste - 14 Black Inks heart
Maria Vicious - 6 Black Inks heart
l Sir Vanity l - Cowboy Stubble heart
MetroColor Brunosauras - 2.5k and Ninja Mask and GO Player heart


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Shhhhh~ It's a Diary!

Not really a diary, but whatever. XD


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Happy birfday Miss Car ~ <333
As for Fools

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As for Fools


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Be3n Scheezy for reelz

Report | 12/12/2009 9:13 am


We should have a conversation some time, just to catch up.
It's been a while and we haven't talked in a long time.

Report | 11/30/2009 5:18 pm


Heeeeey! You should update your sister's account link on your profile! wink

And move you and Eddie makin' out; I couldn't comment here 'til I shagged with the URL! XDD
Banni Caper

Report | 11/14/2009 9:56 am

Banni Caper

User Image
Common Star

Report | 10/08/2009 12:05 pm

Common Star

oh my! D:
what happened?!
Common Star

Report | 09/27/2009 6:16 am

Common Star

Hey there. This is emmasephydate's mule if you didn't know.
How're you these days? I remember you saying you had ..foot surgery(?) a while back. How's that working out now?

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random hug

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OMGOSSHHH your avatar is so cute ^_^ i just wanna squueze his eyeballs out!!!! biggrin (in a good way XD)


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