Well, my name is Amanda and I am 27 years old.

To be a writer is my dream and hopefully someday I'll get published. Of course that requires I actually FINISH something and submit it...eventually.
I am currently working on a Hellsing fanfic (My OC for that is in my journal) for practice. Several of my own stories are also in the works, but I am a perfectionist and constantly get hit with writer's block.

Life has been distracting and getting in the way of my being on gaia or getting any writing work done; though I've thought about all my wonderful friends here all the time. A lot has happened in my life, both good and bad, but I'm getting it all back on track so Yay!

My major obsessions are Strange Magic and Supernatural so anyone who wants to chat about that I'm all for it! ;D


My main account was hacked and the person changed my username...so this is now my new main.
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Fluffy's Log of Original Characters

I have finally decided to put up a few of my original characters and try to get some art of them x3 I warn you now though, if you steal any of them, or even take ideas from them I'll send rabid, vicious, vampire squirrels after you! :B


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Thank you ; w;

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It really does, it's awesome!
It's quite difficult to choose a favorite from that show, they're all so great.
I do ship Killian and Emma, but Emma can be so stubborn sometimes xd
As for Rumple, I have a soft spot for him, even though as you said, he's still somewhat of a villain.
Speaking of villains, who did you hat the most? Zelina really grinned my gears xd

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*reminds me XD

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Found your msg in a bottle and wanted to say your avi remind me of Red(Ruby)/ Regina (Evil Queen) It's great!
heliocentric admiral

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heliocentric admiral

I misssss youuuuu

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WHoot! <33

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Well, you do it well, so continue! emotion_dowant

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Sexy pirate!

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But of course! Whenever i'm not carrying one with me I simply write ideas down inside the notes section of my phone, lol.
Oh I completely understand, although being busy is a natural part of life we mustn't forget the creative side and its benefits ^_^
Well see I was cheap and didn't buy anti-virus software so... xD. I'm fine now though.
I wish I had the time and energy to make my own manga/web comic.. Thats like one of my dreams

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Believe it or not I do the same lol. Its cause notebooks are so portable xD
I've got 2 of them i'm gradually filling with small tidbits of ideas ^_^
"I'm in the process of not just creating my own setting but an entire world with different races and traditions and everything~"
^^^I've been there quite a few times. It's time consuming and very meticulous but very rewarding at the same time 3nodding
I guess the computer virus was my fault but my younger brother was holding on to my tablet for
me and it broke in his backpack so..the ball may be in his court with that one lol


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