Born to Quitt- The Used

Kissing you Goodbye- the used


Welcome to my store biggrin biggrin hope you enjoy what you see.
i sell what i dont need.


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The unforgiven 3-Metallica


Let it Bleed- The used

Captain Yourichi

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When your gone by Avril Lavigne

This is all about me, Hope You Like it

Hello Everyone

This is some stuff about me, If you have a problem with it
then im sorry:

My Favorite shows are Inuyasha and Bleach.
I live up on some Mountains, where? HAH like id
tell you, i have to know you before ill say where i live
Im a Girl, just so you dont think im a guy. I have
Great Friends, and An Awesome Family. Im really good
at reading, if you think im a geek im not (trust me
on that). I have several Different names that me and
and my friends made up for me, i go by Mcgee
(dont ask),Iaria, or Rosalind.
thats only a little bit of my names, if i
would have said all of them you would have been
bored to tears. I play lots of sports, i play lots of
sports, such as Volleyball, Baseball, swimming,
softball, and basketball, i use to play hockey,etc.
i guess thats all you guys need to know for now.


Sold My Soul - The Used

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One - Metallica

Empty with You - the Used


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broken wingz4
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OMG I LOVE UR DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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broken wingz4
my cousin is hot
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yup razz jk jk
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i hav no idea i guess ur card is yeah! thats wat it was razz
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yeah and give me ur old one
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Blood on My Hands by The Used

Tears Don't Fall- Bullet For My Valentine

Lord Radagon
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Julian Rex
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Death Lord Espada

Go Inuyasha!!