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Name: Jaiden Rei
Age: 1998 baby
Gender: Male
Zodiac: Gemini ♊

uni student, artist, roleplayer, pseudo-writer, theatre kid. Voice actor wannabe.

Current obsessions:
Yu-Gi-Oh! arc-v, BNHA, Banana Fish, Dororo, Demon Slayer, TB Hanako-kun, VP: 2 & VP: CotP. All my ocs and original stories.
I'm particularly into Pokémon SWSH!

Other than this one I have a Yu-Gi-Oh! roleplay account in which I roleplay as multiple characters and a Steven Stone rp account.
Feel free to add them and roleplay with me!
On this account I also cosplay&roleplay as Guzma (S/M), Archer (HG/SS), Silver (HGSS/GSC), Volkner (D/P), Cyrus (D/P), N (B/W), Prof. Sycamore/Platan (X/Y), Alain (X/Y-tv), Gladion (S/M) and Spark (GO!); all from Pokémon (+ various 'mons like Jolteon, Umbreon, Charizard, etc).
I also do Len Kagamine (Vocaloid), Eren (Attack on Titan), Bonnie (FNAF), Yuuichiro (Owari no Seraph), Megaman (Megaman.EXE), Knightman (Megaman.EXE) and Laika