Mantis. Feminist. Roleplayer. Highly opinionated. Comic and other sorts of geekery enthusiast. I really love makeup, can't shut up about Lord of the Rings, and use the word "also" a lot.

*** Do not ask me to date you because the answer is always "no." I don't do internet relationships, and some people don't seem to understand that. I don't care who you are- you could be Anne Hathaway or Tom Hiddleston, and even have proof of it, but the answer is still "no" because I DO NOT DATE OVER THE INTERNET. It frustrates me greatly that I even have to put this information in my about me section, but alas, being a single female is seen as a ******** commodity on this site and it's sickening. ***

- I don't join roleplays where romance is the main focus, however I am unopposed to putting my characters in romantic situations if I feel they have compatibility with another character or if I can use it as a plot point or motivator.
- I tend to go for roleplays that focus on action. I don't have a preference for time period, though I have never been much interested in roleplays that take place in either the past or fantasy past.
- I like playing multiple characters, but my main is almost always female. I try to vary my characters as well.
- I am terrible with coding, so my post layouts always look bland. I apologize in advance, but I don't have the patience to learn coding when I feel the attention should be entirely on the writing anyways.
- Roleplays need a deeper plot to garner my attention. "Two kingdoms are warring" is not enough, I need to understand why they are at war.
- A fair amount of my characters are musicians. This is not some accessory trait I tack on a character to make them look cool in their profile and then never mention it in a roleplay like many people do here on Gaia. I tend to self-insert my own interests into my characters to make them easier to write, and I personally play bass guitar.
- I prefer to use photographs. However, I will join a roleplay that requires illustrations, but I will not join if the main focus is anime. I don't like that particular art style, hence why I don't watch anime. I have used anime-ish pictures before, but only as a very desperate last resort, in which case I apologize to fellow roleplayers.

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Comic geek. High fantasy and sci-fi nerd. Makeup enthusiast. Feminist.

Currently questing HoC: Battlemaster


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