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Pronunciation: (Sara-Vin De Arche -loonel)

Nickname/Alias: Saravyn, Sarav,

Title: Master, Captain, Miss, Ruby Sage

Orientation: Unknown

Real Age: 86

Age Appearance: 23

Birthplace: Port Peril, The Shackles

Immediate Family: Father is Zevgavizeb, The Great Demon Lord of Lizards; Younger half-sister (of mixed Azlanti descent, with black hair and lilac eyes. Oracle of Pharasma), Mother dead

Distant Family: Unknown

Childhood: Saravyn was left in an alleyway as soon as she could walk. Her crying brought the attention of the local guild rats, who called themselves the Seething Newts, and seeing her horns gave them a nasty idea. Happily the Rats accepted her into their guild knowing full well the terror that her appearance could bring, even here in the Shackles where Tielfing's were a rare sight. As she grew, she was taught how to wield a small dagger and learning how to be quick with her hands. Pick-pocketing became second nature, stalking her prey and snatching their possessions came to her like breathe to her lungs. Thieving evolved from a way to survive into a game in which she toyed with the citizens of the Shackles, loving the near-death experiences that it brought along with it.

Adolescence: Once her body grew voluptuous, she learned to use it to lure unsuspecting men into a trap set by the guild, becoming as cunning and quick witted as some of the elder merchants that would stand at their stalls peddling their wares to the masses walking by. Unfortunately for Saravyn, she did not go unnoticed by a Katapesh slaver who was raptured by the price her exotic look could fetch on the market. On a day like any other, enticing another young man into an alleyway to the jaws of her awaiting Guild, she found herself realizing that the Seething Newts were not there but were replaced by the Slaver's men a little too late. A hit to the head and shadows swarming her were all she remembered before waking to a rocking sensation she never felt before and a cold wooden surface pressed against her cheek. A middle aged man she had seen once or twice along the docks seated across from where she lay, his legs criss-crossed out in front of him in a mockingly royal way. He was studying his prize, watching to see what she would do as he introduced that his name was Xavier Miklon, a merchant of fine wares. However, she never did take kindly to being tied down and began thrashing about, digging her nails into the ropes while her horns gouged at the wood in her struggles. The first time a feral look came into her eyes was then when her irises went from a soft round to that similar of a reptiles and her ears pinning back in her hair with a snarl, and the Merchant knew a beast had been born. On the many days voyage to Katapesh he would toy with her, randomly flogging her just for the joys of hearing his new pet scream in agony and watching as she writhed in pain, a smile upon his lips the entire time. A smile she came to hate with every fiber of her being. Unfortunately in all his enjoyment, he barely realized that he had now damaged his goods and would take a cut in profit after marring the flesh on her mid back until one night when he managed to catch a glimpse of the pale pink and puckered scars he had inflicted. For some reason, he grew a small amount of remorse for seeing how badly he had beaten his pet, and went inside the small hold where he kept her to loosen some of her chains. That was his fatal mistake. Some how, she managed to use the shackles that held her ankles as a noose. Slowly squeezing his neck tighter, watching the chain biting into his neck before murmuring " Let me see that smile"..

Adulthood: Once the vessel had made port in bustling city of Katapesh, she scurries out of the hold in the blood soaked rags Xavier had given her and began
running in a random direction, afraid that at any moment her captor might come back from the dead and hunt her down. The looks of disgust, screaming out to and calling her a slave hit her hard from many sets of eyes as she ran. Fortunately for Saravyn, one of the few eyes that showed pity in her a man named Valsin, who went out of his way to observe her, watching her skills as she pick-pocketed those who were too close to her when she ran by. He was actually quite surprised by those actions and decided he must meet this young tiefling. After a few other helpers came to his aid, he was able to surround Saravyn, but slowly bowed, introducing himself as Venture Captain Ambrus Valsin, the leader of the Grand Lodge faction. Seeing her skills, rough as they were, he wanted them to work for the Society and hone them into a shining gem. A few years later after becoming a Society member, Valsin asks her to take a quest that he knows she will be reluctant to take, one involving going back to Katapesh yet leaves out a very important detail. It's to stop Slavers... Thankfully with her fellow Pathfinders, they were able to route this certain band of trafficking to a ship run by Dhampires. The vessel catches Saravyn's eyes, she hadn't seen one of such caliber in the years since leaving Port Peril and immediately greed consumes her. This ship must be her's. After the Pathfinders complete this mission, she takes her earnings and begins remodeling the vessel, making it more 'homey' with rich fabrics, tapestries, and pillows, and of course a decent amount of gunpowder. The vessel is branded with a new name, The Wayfinder, and a new life as her Pirating Vessel.

Coming of Age: Freeing herself of the restraints that bound her and becoming a member of the Grand Lodge.

Evolution: From a feral street rat to later becoming an up-incoming rogue in the Grand Lodge, to carefree pirate Captain, then finally adding Merchant of Aiona to the list.

Ethnicity: Vardishian

Preferred Hand: Ambidextrous

Facial Type: Heart

Eye Color: Gold, dragon iris

Hair Color: Cream / Platinum blonde

Hairstyle: Long a** pony tail

Skin Tone: Mocha

Makeup: Peachy/rose lips and eye shadow

Build: Lithe yet buxom.

Height: 5'8-5'9

Birthmarks/scars: Scars across mid back from lashings, scars from where the shackles dug into her ankles.

Distinguishing Features: Long ears that are almost elven yet pointed downwards, horns the grow and create rings, TAIL, white ink tattoo of a sparrow in flight.

Phobias: Being trapped for any period of time, being ties to anything, Xavier coming back to life.

Addictions: Alcohol, pickpocketing on occasion,

Grooming: Well Kept, posh, and tries not to get dirty yet often ends up with a bit of blood. Brushes her hair obsessively before she goes to bed, has a wooden
bath tub in her personal room.

Posture: Suggestive and cocky, often bolstering confidence; yet sometimes regains her feral look.

Gait: Long strides full of Confidence

Attitude: Often very calm, not showing much of her inner thoughts but will occasionally get playful with those she is familiar with. Tends to be light-hearted.

When Happy: Will smile a great deal and sing a sea-shanty as she dances. Usually a drink or two in her system at the same time. Ears pointed upwards slightly while her tail twitches.

When Depressed: Will often ignore others coming near, favoring her time alone, studies her maps for extended periods of time, and will drink to the point of unconsciousness if bad enough.

When Angry: Will pin her ears down and back, often accompanying a hiss or baring her eye teeth. Her rapier might get drawn, or she might lapse into a feral state and begin attacking without distinction.

Current Residence: Aboard The Wayfinder.

Friends: Tororan, Aiona, Rothgar, Yinepu, Valsin

Enemies: Despises her own father, Xavier.

Followers: Many follow our Pirate Queen

Pets/Familiars: Flying squirrel

Wardrobe: Formal, yet highly suggestive. A blush blouse, lined with lace underneath a low cut red coat that has a flowing 'tail'. Gold detailing adorns the majority of the coat. Her pants are most of the time white but can be black from time to time.

Equipment: Adamantime Rapier and Cutlass

Accessories: A kiseru, Dragon claw necklace, several rings and earrings.

Collections: Besides Platinum pieces and jews?

Most valuable possession: Adamantine Cutlass and Wayfinder

Prized Possession: Her freedom and her swords.

Occupation: Pirate Captain and Grand Merchant

Experience: An Agent in the Pathfinder Society, a Member of the Grand Lodge Faction.

Organizations/Affiliations: Pirate Lords, Pathfinder Society, and the other Sages

Religion: Follower of Besmara

Morals: Wrong- Slavery, captivity of any sort, ; Right- Fighting for freedom, robbing those with plenty,

Crime Record: Is a pirate and therefore is an outlaw/criminal in Absalom but has Immunity for being apart of the Society.

Motivation: Hatred, Revenge, Freedom, Power, Money, Fun,

Priorities: Freedom above all else, her Ships and weapons, her crew, and the Code.

Philosophy: Life is what you make of it, so you better drink up and be merry.

Etiquette: Despite how she lived her younger life, she is quite sophisticated.

Influences: If often influenced by Tororan whom she secretly adores and slowly tries to better herself to get him to notice her.

Traditions: None as of yet.

Main Goal: Ending Slavery throughout the World of Galaria, starting in Katapesh.

Minor Goals/Ambitions: dunno

Desires: To always live freely, capture Tororan's heart, abolish slavery, and be renown as either a fierce Pirate Captain or a Grand Merchant.

Greatest Achievement: Helping her close friend and now monarch, Aiona, create her own country.

Secrets: Is enamored by Tororan yet constantly flirts with others to annoy him,

Regrets: Abandoning her much younger half-sister in Taldor to keep her far away from the Shackles, yet has not gone to visit her for over a decade.

Worries: Losing the lives of her crew members, about going into a feral state, and watching her empire fall to pieces.

Best Memories: Sailing for the first time on the Wayfinder, feeling the wind as it rushed by her face on the bow of the ship.

Worst Memories: When she watched as Aiona nearly died.

Hobbies/Interests: Sailing,

Skills/Talents: Dancing, quickly memorizing patterns, adapting to situations.

Likes: Alcohol but more specifically Rum, The taste of the salty ocean air, feeling the wind play with her hair, her weapons, Tororan.

Dislikes: Seeing chains, having an empty case of rum.

Sense of Humor: Witty and sarcastic

Closet Hobby: Stargazing on the Bow of her ship.

Guilty Pleasure: (You know...)

Flaws: Is an alcoholic, and a narcissus

Weaknesses: Molting skin/ scales that happen every third decade for an entire month. The last two years of the tri-decade cycle fine lines and wrinkles begin to noticeably begin to creep across her skin. As this progresses, a small amount of crow's feet, her scales become lighter and begin flaking a bit. During the month long molt, she will remain hidden on her island due to how vulnerable this process leaves her. It can become rather painful to endure with her skin inflamed. However after this her appearance becomes youthful with a healthy golden glow once more.


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