Um... shortening this since my pre-teen mind seems to have been on drugs or something.

Sixteen, almost seventeen. I love to write, to draw, and I'm damn good at voicing my opinion, if I do say so myself. I am aggressive and I do have some degree of anger issues due to real life issues. Other than that, I'm a pretty chill person. ♥

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One teenager. One online journal. One s**tload of problems. Care to take it from there?



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> : |

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Caooooo !!!! ~ MOooooooooOOOoooOoOooOooo!

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*poke User Image *

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Ian: What's that supposed to mean?
Not sure. Kinda has a negative idea to it though huh? //chuckles// WAIT WE NEED TO FOCUS. TOHRU GO KISS JACOB AND SAY YOU ARE SORRY!

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It's worse? D'aww Tohru, despite the situation that's cute. Haha
Ian: Rikku can you focus for 10 seconds, please? Jacob...I don't like him this way. I want the spunky Jacob!
D'aww you miss awesome Jake too? Look, lesson learned, you don't know what you have until it's gone. //winks at Tohru & Ian
Ian: Rikku, that's not true. Jacob isn't gone. You aren't funny.
For now, until he feels better he is though...that's what I meant Q-tip.
Ian: : l

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Eh. He will too. Oooo candy~ //eats a pepermint found in her pocket
Jacob: //walks into room with his glasses on
Ian: Your glasses? You never wear them outside of your room...
Jacob: Writing. //shrugs, shuns Tohru //returns to room with cup of milk
Go get him tiger- //to tohru, points at Jake's door

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Yeah. As Naruto would say, "Believe it!" Hahahahah
Ian: Not the appropriate time to be quoting an anime Rikku... //sigh
You kissed his neck and you played with his hair and you touched his thigh and he tried to stop you because well, it made him uncomfortable and went to his room. Hasn't been back since.

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Alex you're making it worse. You didn't try to take him against his will really...you just...scared him with your forwardness and well, to put it bluntly you stopped him in his tracks. And Imma tell you Tohru, nobody's ever done that before. It was pretty sad to see him all nervous and jumpy when you touched him, especially when you kissed his neck. He was beet red. Haha
Ian: That's mean Rikku. Don't make fun of him...

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Ian: Don't look at me. I'm just a kid. I don't know what all of the nuzzling means. //smirks
Yeah I only help my characters. Hahahahahaha. You're out of luck Alex. //sips coffee
Yes Tohru, go to him. You were really mean to him when you were...not yourself.

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Ian: Yeah lets keep any form of drugs away from Jacob. He might like, implode or something.
This is true.
Where'd he go anyway? //legit forgot where he went...lol