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Last Login: 02/18/2011 3:26 am

Gender: Female

Location: licking my lips over your sholder

Occupation: eating people

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I made all the graphics and I believe I downloaded the fount on top from nihilSS at deviant art.

If you want art PM me.
If you want me to make you a profile PM me.

A filthy cannibal's fairy tail

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Not to long ago, in a little state called Connecticut by the general public; a c**t … I mean girl was born. She had blue eyes and beautiful long blonde hair and was very kind. Until one day she went mad. She chopped her golden locks off and dyed it every color of the rainbow. (At the moment it is pink.) She ran away from other websites to live her life lurking and posting in the magical dark realm of Gaia called the GD. Her and her two rats (Gargamel and Azrael) are always making emos kill themselves in threads like Am ! pr3tty? She also stalked Capt Internet for a bit. There is not much else to say.

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General info:

Case number: 465
Date of admission: December 17th
Name: Calls her self "Cannibals soup" (real name unknown)
Age and Sex: 17 years. Female.
Married, Single or Widowed: Widowed.
Has any family?: Unknown.
Occupation: Whore ...
Habits of Life: .....That could mean anything.
Religious persuasion: Church of England (assumed)
Brought by whom?: Dr. Faust VII
Form of Insanity: Manic depression
Supposed cause: Unknown, assumed, genetic weakness
Is hereditary?:Suspected
Is Suicidal?: No
Is dangerous to others?: Yes
Is destructive to property?:Yes
State of bodily health?: Poor
Marks of violence, if any: Cuts and bruises (Self-inflicted of course)
Facts specified in medical certificate, upon which opinion of insanity founded: 1. Facts indicating insanity observed by medical man. Claims to hear voices at night. Prone to bouts of melancholia, interspersed with brief periods of excitement, such as to interrupt the peace of the household. 2: Other facts indicating insanity, communicated to him by others. General raving. Has made numerous accusations against her guardian, which, as he is a respected personage, are clearly the ravings of a fevered mind. Has violently attacked her guardian, causing serious injury. Has conspired with the housemaid to ruin household property, and attempted to steal items, namely a stone Cherub and an ironwork Candelabra. Attempted suicide by drowning (How original). Walking the city of London in insufficient and inappropriate clothing. Stealing goods from local merchants. Intent to prostitute. Order signed by....


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This is my frisky little friend Gargamel but I myself like to call him Garggy or gargles I love him very much. He is the biggest sweet heart. When you pet him between the eyes he falls over and falls asleep


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This is Gargles brother Azzy or Azz-hole as he is some times called. He is my bipolar rat. he is ether sickeningly sweet or riping someone or his brother apart. (never me!)

Likes and random info :

The GD
Proper grammar turns me on
German and Irish people why cus they are the sexiest races and there accents make me hot
Some people
Video games
Humping legs
Favorite color is rainbow
My life.
My friends.
Going for walks in the woods
The night
Thunder storms
Wind (when it’s not cold)
My family
My mom and step dad
I believe that Hitler had a beautiful mind, but sadly was used in the wrong way.
I support the killers of Columbine.
Gay marriage
I pierced my nose in the car going to an anime con
And allot more things
I enjoy anime but it is not a big part of my life
I find fan girls fun to watch

Dislikes :

Poor grammar
PEOPLE ASKING FOR ANY TYPE OF SEX. sex is pointless and WERE ******** ONLINE
People hitting on me I get confused and don’t know what to do when it happens
People that are mean
People that label people
People that label them self’s
people that think there one of a kind because they like fall out boy or mcr or the used or green day ex. there played on mtv there are billions of fans my 50 year old uncle likes them. I don’t hate the band it’s more of how the fans act
Jesus freaks.
Scene girls
I hate the government.
I hate America love the idea of it.



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kittyangeluchiha Report | 10/24/2011 11:07 am
hello do you really eat humans?
emo hawk 149 Report | 12/31/2009 8:51 am
hello! will you join my guild? link:
crimson_asylum Report | 10/05/2009 7:06 pm
Thanx for the add , Canni . Now , let me give u the link to my website , is : . Lotsa crazy stuffs in there *X* enjoy it....
lovecakes Report | 09/12/2009 4:58 pm
I'm on gaia; leaving you profile comments.
The Lord Sheogorath Report | 06/14/2009 4:27 pm
The Lord Sheogorath Report | 06/14/2009 4:17 pm
*casts insanity n you* > biggrin
Ray Pest Report | 06/14/2009 3:51 pm
awww thanks! 4laugh
Not A BIowjob Report | 06/14/2009 2:19 pm
sosnoel Report | 06/14/2009 11:59 am
Lol. He loved you that much?

I g2g. Maybe I'll talk to you some other time. Bye.
sosnoel Report | 06/14/2009 11:55 am
Lol. Was he the one who got you the hat?