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About Me

There are a lot of things that one should know about me, but my life cannot fit into this box and contain your attention forever, so I will just put in random facts about myself smile

On May 13th, 2008 I met Apocalyptica along with the lead singer of Fuel, well technically I met Perttu and just had the rest of them stare at me when I was taking a picture with the hottie, but still. I almost fainted and had to have my sister help me back to the table right next to them. I will forever thank my father for making reservations, well, and the rest of my family too, along with Derrick, but any who! On May 14th, I saw them in concert and had the best seat...err...standing area!

A year later, I am now an official college girl, hoping to pursue my dreams writing screen plays and novels. I would also like to get my Film Certificate to work on the sets and see the hot actors smile

I live in the new Hollywood. A list of movies have been filmed where I live, including:Transformers, Terminator Salvation, Observe and Report, Wild Hogs, No Country for Old Men, Gamer, The Spirit, and so many more that I cannot list because I cannot seem to think of anymore!
I'm just sorry I didn't get the chance to stalk Gerard Butler or Christian Bale *frowns*

My best friend Lola died February 27th, 2009. She was the best Jack Russel Terrier anyone could ever have, and I'm sad she had to suffer and die the way she did. I will find that Maroon SUV and burn it -.-
I would always play Yael Naim's song, "New Soul" for her because while she was playing in the living room, that song was the epitome of her, and now I cannot listen to the song without crying. The thing that really got me though was that night, my other dog, Smokey, kept going in and out of the house barking, trying to get a response, which made it all too real that my best friend was forever gone.

On another note, we got a new puppy that we proudly named Rilya Elle. Rilya stands for, "Remember I'll love you always," while the "Elle" is supposed to represent Lola's first initial. So put the pieces together and her name comes out to, "Remember I'll love you always, Lola." Funny, how such a tiny animal could make such a big impact on your life.

Edgar Allan Poe

Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.

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I have a problem. I'm a cannibal.

Descend into cannibalism.
I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity. -Edgar Allan Poe <3
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Lola, I will forever miss you. My heart is now in Heaven with you.

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Sarah85Jean Report | 03/24/2010 7:38 am
I'm so sorry about your Lola sad
On another note I am an author and I love Edgar too. His poems are so full of emotion. I would love to be your friend so that we can talk about writing and great authors. Hope to hear from you soon smile
Richard_81s Report | 09/23/2009 10:41 am
Thank YoU Thank YoU Thank YoU Thank YoU Thank YoU...

i love it User Image

ive been trying to save enough gold to get it SO...

Thank YoU Thank YoU Thank YoU Thank YoU Thank YoU...User Image


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Duchess Georgiana Report | 09/22/2009 10:10 pm
Haha, I'm glad I was able to make someone laugh! Thanks for commenting on it!
Mighty chicken lady Report | 09/21/2009 9:33 pm
Happy Birthday!
cartoondirty Report | 09/20/2009 12:58 pm
haha =p

nah, i sucked compared to everyone so i quit and now im just a chatter there User Image
cartoondirty Report | 09/19/2009 8:11 pm
hahahahaha, same here~~~~~ everyone in my class knows about like the First americans but i dont know poop

Jennifer The Fire Goddess Report | 09/19/2009 4:06 pm
oh :B

by any chance do you know the academic disciplines of Rene Dedcartes
Jennifer The Fire Goddess Report | 09/19/2009 3:49 pm
indeed but who is my friend ?
Jennifer The Fire Goddess Report | 09/19/2009 3:41 pm

Thinks ^,^

Why did you gift me ?
TheSparkle Report | 09/19/2009 3:07 pm
thanks for the buy ^.^

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