About dis dude

Something about me...hmm....well, theres a lot to know...but to keep it short and sweet, Im all together a friendly person. I love meeting new people so dont be afraid to say whats good?! I had an older account but fell away when life became a lil real. Im back with a new account and im ready to chill again. So lets have some fun. I love to rp, chill, or w.e. HMU!

Music is kinda my thing. Along with gettin shitty while listnin to it.
I love art of all sorts too, pictures, poetry, all that good stuff.
I LOVE eating. Like ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Nothing better than tryin a new dish, and tyson chicken nuggets are da shyt! Especially with honey mustard or barbecue sauce.
I talk a lot. My friends hate it. I do too. But what are you gunna do? (Don't talk to me..you've been warned) lol
I play guitar, drums, and bass, all very badly.(at least I think so)

So that's a little bit of me. No one will ever know me completely mainly because I'm too scatter brain to know myself and I talk everyone away before they can get to know me. But I'm gettin better at not doin that. lol. So say whats up!