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Hey,Everybody im Candy you average girl how school has a realy popular girl and me the inbetween girl and my two best friend Sandy,and BeeBee hes realy cute and theres a rumor around saying that hes in love with me i wonder if its true im going to find out but back to me im funny,cool well kinda but im not a nerd either im smart and other thing and sometime i can be crewl on time i pulled a bucket of beans on the popular girl because she made my best friend life a living hell ang when i pulled the beans on her it was picture photo it was sooooooooo FUNNY and her photo picture was realy bad she was sooooo pissed of she hit but of course you dont want to know the rest lol.

This part of my journal is for anyone and it telling you about meand thing i did it might be kinda loung.


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