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this would be me and the most amazing/goofy/romantic/caring boy... man, i have ever met. im very much in love with him and hope to spend my life with him. his gaia account is BULLETboyX .

want to know about me? well, check out my quest thread and read the little snippit in the "about me" section. ; ) also give me a post there, every little bit helps!

feel free to comment, i sure love thoes!


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Telephonic Poptarts

Report | 09/11/2010 12:01 am

Telephonic Poptarts


Report | 08/18/2010 8:27 pm


cool avi
The Notorious AJM

Report | 03/13/2010 1:20 pm

The Notorious AJM

Hey the guild needs you! Why don’t you start posting in it? Here’s the link! The head captain gives gold to people who actively post in the guild! See?]http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=17019993]See?
Princess Heartlily

Report | 01/19/2010 3:13 pm

Princess Heartlily

Looky at this place! I have a random number contest there(1-2000 #1515 wins Smok the baby dragon) but there's tons of other stuff to do as well!
Liberius Creed

Report | 01/18/2010 6:32 am

Liberius Creed

If you like this sht Copy and paste to 4 other profiles then press F5 for 500,000gg

Princess Heartlily

Report | 01/16/2010 10:06 pm

Princess Heartlily

It's alright. I have enough gold laying around anyway.
Princess Heartlily

Report | 01/14/2010 5:02 pm

Princess Heartlily

That's awesome! Happy birthday!
AH! My theory proven! Bear slippers were 200k last week and now they're 120k! stressed
Picked a stupid time to buy them for my gf.
Princess Heartlily

Report | 01/14/2010 2:13 pm

Princess Heartlily

Wait! But not too long, if you wait too long it will just go up with all the inflation and what not. Maybe like a week.
Princess Heartlily

Report | 01/12/2010 3:22 pm

Princess Heartlily

Yah, I almost bought them a long time ago but I think I saved up for my infernal spirit instead. It's a bit more manly item! rofl
Princess Heartlily

Report | 01/11/2010 3:44 am

Princess Heartlily

I was going to buy that item awhile ago but I realized I would only use the slippers and didn't want to pay that much for them! rofl
They really cute though!


if i am glowing, please bump here it leads right to the reply box.
it will only take a second! : )

i turn eighteen on the fourteenth of january! : )
candys birthday wishlist : aquarium mini monsters.