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Real Name; Cannon Cain MacAllister

Nickname; Candy

Age; 24

Height; 6'2''

Weight; 175lb.

Hair; Bright red, often messy.

Eyes; Bright green.

Other; Beauty mark underneath right eye.

Species; Canine hybrid. Retains a few doglike abilities in human form.

Orientation; Homosexual. Flirts with women, playfully.

Position; Usually seme. Though gets off on being dominated.

Marital Status; Swinger - Heavily promiscuous.

Habits; He occasionally speaks with a fake brittish accent. Increasing suave and flirtatious appeal. It's rumored the reason he does this is in memory of a man he can barely remember. See info about Cain for more info.

Whatchu packin'?; "Oho, You'll have to come find out yourself, love.."

Likes; Sweet things, Older and Younger men, red, black, midnight, cats, coffee, anything sexual, clubs, molesting, groping, pretend rape, chains, collars, biting, pain, fire, eyepatches, scarves, boys with animal ears, boys with plump smooth bottoms, shotacon, smoking, alcohol.

Dislikes; Jerks, conceited people, ..a lot of PEOPLE actually. Religion. Ignorant fools. Liars. Prudes. Homophobes. Racists. Loud giggly girls. People who think guys shouldn't wear pink. Emos. Attention seekering whiney boys. Loud noises. Uneccesary shouting.

Personality(in short); Smart, caring yet occasionally stubborn, affectionate, perverted, promiscuous, touchy-feely, suave(when flirting), tendency to get feelings hurt, higher tendency to hurt others, genuinely loving towards friends even if he is always putting his hands down their pants.

Sexual Likes; Threesomes, receiving oral, shota, femboys, being dominated, doing it in public, agressive semes, violence, whipping, force, biting, blood drawn, men in suits, demons, incubi, vampires(nosparkle).

Disorders/Disfunctions; Suffers from bi-polar disorder and DID(dissociative identity disorder, previously named multiple personality disorder). He is also literally a sex addict. Lack of which makes him horribly ill, like withdrawls from a drug. Lastly Candy is heavily masochistic, liking to receive pain. He is able to withstand even the worse of tortures.

First of all, Cannon likes to be refered to as Candy, everyone seems to do so anyways. He is first and foremost a highly sexual being. As a cat would nuzzle its master day in and day out, Candy treats his friends with the same affection. It is quite apparent that Candy has never been in a real relationship. He seems to not understand that his actions are sometimes frowned upon. All he knows, is his instinct to ******** anything that is willing. He often comes off as innapropriately promiscuous. He does not discriminate between who is taken or married, he has sex with anyone he finds attractive that wants to.
Cannon/Candy is easily aroused, and tends to view sexual activities as a neccesity for him. Almost like a drug that he needs to sustain him. He finds the most pleasure in taking sweet innocent younger boys, subconciously reaching for the innocence he never had. Yet, not to neglect anyone, he also has quite the liking for men older and larger than him as well.
Not at all ashamed at being the submissive if the man in question is stronger than him. In fact, he is technically a submissive at heart, it's just that his brand of 'uke' is so agressive it is viewed as a seme. But he'll let a larger, older, stronger man take him willingly, any day. The only downside is that others tend to fall in love with him, effectively scaring him away. He does not want to be in a relationship with anyone, ever. He wants everyone to be happy. When in an argument, or upset, he is easily angered and is prone to outbursts of violence, in which his mood might switch to Cain.

Information on Cain, also known as "Sour Candy";

Cain is the alternate personality that he has created in order to do the things he never could normally. While Candy is a sweetheart and charmer with tendencies to get hurt, Cain says what he wants, when he wants, to whoever he wants. Cain is blunt, angry, greedy and very seme. His eyes are more slanted than Candy's, a sign to detect which personality Cannon is in. Cain doesn't seem to like anyone particularly, and only strives to fulfill his lust. Even if it means rape. Cain even chooses to have sex with women, when Candy himself is homosexual. While Cain is fully aware of Cannon, neither personality seems to be bothered by the other. And thusly live in a sort of...harmony.
However, Cain is bent on hurting his host, Candy. He frequently haunts his dreams and often speaks in his mind when Candy is too comfortable with his life. He inserts depression into the boy, and often makes him feel unwanted, so he can never get close to anyone. No one knows why Cain does this, he just does. He had a special dislike towards a man named Rje, who he knows for a fact has got Candy in a tizzy. Seeing Candy's affection towards him, infuriated him. So he interfered into Candy's mind until he erased all traces of the man. Candy does not remember him, but something in the back of his mind still knows and misses him, thus is desire to fake an accent.
Yes, Cain is capable of blocking Candy's memory at will. He's done this with The Professor, since Candy was near death, But he could always do it again. He's just waiting for a good reason to..

Just a big heads up, Candy is a giant manwhore. Get over it.
Any type of roleplay is acceptable, though sexual roleplay happens to be a favourite. I am fine with making friends and whatnot, but more times than not Candy is just looking for a hole to stuff. Feel free to call him by the nickname or real name, does not matter. Females trying to get in his pants will most likely be ignored. Once again, I must make it clear how much Candy sleeps around. Do not fall in love with him you'll only make yourself look foolish. I am not responsible for any rp or irl depression you experience because Candy does not return your love. He's a being of lust. Nothing more.
Thanks, bye.



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