Ahoy Butternuts!

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"The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best
of everything they just make the most of everything that comes
along their way."

Hey stalker. Call me Chris. Hmm what to say? I'm 22. Born and raised in Philippines, which means I'm Asian.Hah! I know what you guys are thinking, I don't really look like one aye? That’s because my Dad's American/Irish.

I'm a really sensitive girl tbh. I get jealous about small things quite easily.(can't help it D;.. I’m random and moody. I talk about anything and everything. I like talking alot. Not really into videogames. Maybe because I always end up getting killed at the very beginning of the game. And I get spooked out/freaked out easily. Anywho, I like reading books. Sci-Fi books are totally my thing. I feel like a total book worm right now. Cool aye? Lol. Not really picky when it comes to music, I pretty much listen to anything that sounds good.

Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, CI, Animal Planet, Nick, Lifestyle Network, HBO, MTV, Starworld, Cinemax, TLC, Discover Channel, History Chanel are just amazing TV networks in my opinion. I like watching movies. It’s like a daily habit of mine. Zombie movies are the best <3

I want a pine tree in my room and just enjoy the pure pine-ness smell all day long c: That’d be awesome. Clowns scare the s**t out of me. So please don’t show any images/videos/other stuff that has to do with clowns or else I’ll do some kind of voodoo magic on you, seriously.

I have a huge crush on Vic Fuentes, lead singer of the band called Pierce the Veil. He’s such a cute Jalapeño baby <3. I’ve been collecting some of his random pictures lately. And tbh..I enjoy looking at his sweaty face c:

I wanna go to Ethiopia (somewhere in Africa) and just do volunteer work. There's just something about that place and the people i love so much.

Toothpaste.Peanutbutter.Bathroom.Cactus.Nail Polish.Crayons.Pretzels.Boxers.Stickers.Eye lashes.Pens.Nature.Toothbrush.Make-up.Bananas.Fishes.Unicorns.Zombies.C-buddy.Books.Socks.Pig-Teddy.Mug.Oreos.Candy.Bags.Erasers.Tulips.Pencils.A.Cartoons.Twenty-four.Rain.Beach.Trees.Pillows.Ketchup.Llamas.Buttons.Glue.Ants.Rainbow.Rape.

Talk to me mkay.
I like making new friends on here <3
Random Comments/Pm’s make my heart tingle.


Tell me your secret c: