About Meh♥

Hello I'm Taylor, nice to meet you^-^♥
Welcome to my profile, hope you like it(:
If you want leave me a message or comment, and I'll reply
Now for some random things about me^-^

1.) I love to draw
2.) I love to sing
3.) I love the vocaloids (my favorites are Rin Kagamine, Len Kagamine, and Utatane Piko)
4.) My favorite animal is the elephant.
5.) I love hugs (>^-^)> <(^-^< wink
6.) I love Emilie Autumn
7.) My friends mean the world to me.
8.) I love meeting new friends
9.) I'm slightly a bit strange^-^
10.) My famous quotes that I say all the time are "Thats racist" and "your mom" xD

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I adopted a CHIBI!!
name: Honey-Sempai
Likes: cupcakes, his bunny
dosen't like: meaners
owner: ME!!!!!!
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I just adopted a Umbreon!
Likes:all my friends and awesomeness
Doesn't Like:mean people
Owner:ME!! ^^
You can adopt one too!
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