Writing this as of 21st Jan 2016, everything has changed so much :<


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S l O P A O

Report | 07/15/2016 11:49 pm

S l O P A O

i tried to add you but your requests are off too lolll

Report | 02/05/2016 10:35 am


Never got a notification for this. O:
I was going through art requests,
and someone was asking to be drawn in anime form. xD
Fell in love with your art style over the others.

Report | 01/25/2016 9:50 am


Fell in love with your talent. Your art is beautiful. smile
Stumbled upon a post where someone was requesting to be drawn in anime..
I am definitely going to be a customer soon!
Kawaii Onyx

Report | 09/06/2013 9:15 pm

Kawaii Onyx

omg you're alive!
did u take a hiatus again? college?

Report | 04/11/2012 5:51 pm


hnng your new avatar's really cute asdfsf
but i started the old one so is it okay to keep the old one or

Report | 04/10/2012 3:13 pm


LOLies 8DD Niice then~
Ahhh, I see. ;u;♥ Well, as long as it's comfortable it doesn't matter C':

Report | 04/09/2012 7:35 pm


Ahh, I see! That's really cool! >//u//<

LOLies That's really smart. . ! I am sure it'll turn out lovely! ;O; I wanna see piccus♥
&&, I could tell, hehe! And that's really cool! Chuu must have lots of clothes! O:

I usually wear tank tops and tights/stockings or shorts. ;u; I get very uncomfortable
in pants and jeans, and I don't like to dress heavily because it's pretty hot
where I live!

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Mhmm! ;u;♥
Aww, that sucks. But I guess I live in a city, so here
we're very used to it. Aha~

Woah! That's crazy. . ! So it's all customized and whatnot? O:
I hope chuu guys can win it! &&, awww, that's okay!
If it's still prettier and whatnot the redo can always wait.
It must cost a lot to even get the house anyways OTL

Awww! No worries. I'm not messy but I do have
lots of stuff. There's no room for it all. We recently got
a new dresser for me so I could have all my clothes
fit in it and get rid of our storage boxes for clothes. .
I'd love a color coded wardrobe! But mine isn't very balanced.
I wear lots of teal, blue, and green. hehe >//u//<♥

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It's this awesome brand that I've been in love with forever: http://tokidoki.it./
Wahh! O: That's crazy! Have chuu at least been on one? ? Or can chuu not
skate around unless it's at a park? Here we can use one wherever/whenever,
as long as there's no sign telling chuu not to~
LOLies Yeahh. . I kinda forgot that it was supposed to be done. 8DD

Oh wow! That's really awesome!♥♥♥ What does the house look like?
And do chuu like it lots more than chuur current house/apartment that
chuu live in? O:
My family has so much stuff, we should live in a house. But we
are lucky because we have a nice, big apartment. ;u;♪

Report | 04/09/2012 6:41 pm


D8 That's not stalkinggg. I don't post stalk and things. . much. LOLies idkjkjk

My day was alright. I forgot to do three essays for Spring Break homework
so when I went back to school I was cursing and sobbing . LOLies Thankfully
I usually do A work, so even with the "tardy acceptance policy" that my teacher
has (20% marked off for each late day), I should get a B. . ! ;u; ;;;; But uhh, yeahh~
I got on a skateboard for the first time in years today! It was awesome! >//u//<♥
And I found some tokidoki shirts that went on sale, so I am happy all in all, teehee♪

What about chuu? C':


gimme gold kthxbai[/size:5dc4b7038a]