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can i borrow a dollar?
tryna go 2 school 2 be a scholar

but no rly
about me ummm

-getting money
-getting paid
-getting ill

im a paper chaser stackin dat cheeze nameen
i think das it

get @me


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VectorMechanics4ENGRs Report | 03/10/2010 8:06 pm
65k starting f*ck yeaaaa b*tchhh
VectorMechanics4ENGRs Report | 03/10/2010 7:59 pm
Yea i barely got through 1 and 2 with a C in each... the scores were pretty low but my school has a sh*tload of smart 25 year olds i have to compete with so i dont feel bad about it lol. If you get calc 2 pretty well you will do GREAT in calc 3, its easy sh*t.
VectorMechanics4ENGRs Report | 03/10/2010 7:45 pm
Ok, just a warning: physics 2 and calc 2 will be extremely hard unless you a genius or can do 3 hours of homework 5 days a week no problem.. I can only manage like 3 hours of solid work 3 days a week or else i get too burnt out
VectorMechanics4ENGRs Report | 03/10/2010 7:30 pm
you didnt do comp sci? Yea i used to think I would go into computers when i built mine and always had to fix them but meh i dont like it compared to ME.. Are you through all the pre reqs like calc and physics?
VectorMechanics4ENGRs Report | 03/10/2010 7:25 pm
they dont know how the f*ck to teach it... My professor (been in engineering for like 35 years or something) just goes on the board and does random problems in like 5 minutes, blowing through them all. There is no order to it and our homework schedule, its ahead of what he teaches... I guess it's to weed out the people who cant do it.

electrical is cool too but i prefer the opportunities i have with mech.
VectorMechanics4ENGRs Report | 03/10/2010 7:20 pm
correct, you taking it?
nig stole my bike Report | 03/09/2010 8:19 pm
nig stole my bike
thanks man
Undisputed Attitude Report | 02/25/2010 10:01 am
Undisputed Attitude

-steals your work and watermarks it as his own-
Undisputed Attitude Report | 02/25/2010 9:57 am
Undisputed Attitude
I can has digital pictures?
Undisputed Attitude Report | 02/25/2010 9:56 am
Undisputed Attitude
i can has 1 peso?


hokie hokie hokie hi!!!
this is my formspring


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