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tiny g Report | 10/11/2010 8:10 am
Xandris Kurai Report | 12/30/2009 8:58 am
Merry belated Christmas to you too and Happy early (or late) New Year.
Jisen Meizuki Report | 12/28/2009 12:48 am
No. Everything you've said is false while mine are true.
Jisen Meizuki Report | 11/23/2009 8:31 am
Im not giving false information. I'm telling the truth. You're the one lying. Now gimme your gold and goodies.
Xandris Kurai Report | 11/23/2009 8:14 am
Actually, I'm a human who... Uh... been turned into an alien after coming back from space? sweatdrop And don't worry, Jisen is looking for a way to change my form back. I will be back to myself before Christmas. In addition, I'm in hiding from the FBI.
Jisen Meizuki Report | 11/04/2009 9:19 am
You're the one lie lie and I tell truth truth. You have more gold than me. So gimme your gold gold and goodies.
Xandris Kurai Report | 11/04/2009 8:04 am
Not really..... They mostly based on the experience of the person, not the background. The application is like a small summary of that person. That's why they did interview: to get more information about the person's experience.
Jisen Meizuki Report | 10/11/2009 10:05 am
I don't lie lie, you lie lie. You're rich rich and I'm poor poor. So gimme gold gold and goodies.
Xandris Kurai Report | 10/11/2009 9:34 am
Maybe it's because there isn't enough people. You should have some people to hire.
tiny g Report | 10/10/2009 2:57 pm
happy face you. you know that i am the baby of the family no matter what you say. and that you love me forever and ever and that is why we belong together forever. hehehehee.