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Camellia Lilavati ◇

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Birthday: 12/14

About Me ♧

Name: Camellia Lilavati
Nickname: Cammy or Cam
Age: 17
Race: Human
Quote: "Everyone is different in this world"


Real Hair: long curly hair
Real Hair Color: Auburn
Real Eye Color: Emerald
Skin Tone: White
Body Build: Average
Accessories: Amulet, Clip
Style/Fashion: Regal, Cute or Simple
Items: potion, pen & pencil, notebook, flute, makeup, and money


Universe: ???
Title: Princess of the Ruined Soul
Weapon: Staff, Blank Cards and Souls
Powers/Abilities: Power of souls (she contain/absorbs souls when she defeated it. She has a limit to her soul bind ((can only equip 5 souls)) also has a condition to take the Boss soul. Minor souls = 1, Boss souls = 1 or 2 -depends on what the soul has ex. Dragon = armor and weapon. She can use their weapons/armors/elements. minor souls can only be summoned)


Personality/Traits: Bubbly, Serious, Adventurous, Kind and Silent
Hobby: playing flute (though i'm more into piano), drawing, talking to souls and making accessories
Likes: cute guys animals, especially plushies!
Dislikes: people betraying me and being lonely
Fave color: green, melty, wishful, demure, toxic and seabreeze
Fave desserts: parfait
Fave pet: can it be a dragon or unicorn?
Fave season: spring


Corone Psyche: Queen of Anima and mother. She is part of the Center Queens in Netherworlds... not much to be said.
Cato Lilavati: Known to be Adventurer but is actually a Mage on a quest. He is now a King of Anima and father
Morte: Buttler/Shinigami
Mei: Maid/Yuki-Onna
Alucard Deemer: Vampire Prince and now husband
Amaranth Deemer: highschool girl and sassy daughter
Vanitas Hellsane: childhood friend of Alucard and became her close friend
Cabby Mcflurry: a gumiho, wife of Add Demaclia and has a son name, Derick. Best friend of Camellia
Add Demaclia: a jikininki, husband of Cabby Mcflurry. Camellia and Add gets along because of Cabby
Derick Mcflurry: a kindergarden gumiho/jikininki, son of Cabby and Add. Nephew
Dexter Demaclia: another son of Cabby and Add. Nephew


History: Once upon a time there lived a kingdom beyond real world and death. A man who is an adventurer travelling to finish his quest yet lost his way inside the forest, but found a ghost following him and takes him through the stream. There it was the Kingdom of Anima. The Queen destroyed every being going through the agony wall. However, the ghost told her about the man's quest. Denied she banishes the adventurer... or so she thought. He shows exceptional skills and challenged her no matter how much she makes him go away. Soon they got married and have a child name Camellia.

Story so far: she's a full human being because of that all souls wanted to eat her. The Queen gave her the power to capture soul by creating an amulet and let her live in the real world with the help of the servants. Leaving both her parents from the Anima trying to hold off other souls. However, that is not the end...

that is all 3nodding thank you

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LexiHime Report | 01/09/2020 7:27 am
cute avi
natsumi tsujimotto Report | 02/21/2018 7:36 am
natsumi tsujimotto
Hello my cute twin ^^
KaoruxKamiya Report | 12/17/2017 9:57 pm
heart yum_cupcake emotion_bigheart gaia_crown emotion_bigheart yum_cupcake heart
YOU ARE SO SWEET!!!!!!! And thank you so so so so SO much for my present! You are such an amazing friend. Please never change who you are!!! You'll always be a dear friend of mine!!!
heart yum_cupcake emotion_bigheart gaia_crown emotion_bigheart yum_cupcake heart
natsumi tsujimotto Report | 07/20/2017 9:37 am
natsumi tsujimotto
I'm so proud of you smile
natsumi tsujimotto Report | 06/26/2017 9:45 pm
natsumi tsujimotto
How many hours a day do you spend there? Are you enjoying it at least?
~hugs. Yes make a discord account so we can chat more razz
natsumi tsujimotto Report | 06/24/2017 12:31 am
natsumi tsujimotto
Cam !!!!! I've missed you ! ~hugs. Are you on discord?
natsumi tsujimotto Report | 06/05/2017 9:34 pm
natsumi tsujimotto
awww that's ok. I totally get it ^^ ~hugs
natsumi tsujimotto Report | 06/05/2017 5:04 am
natsumi tsujimotto
~wiggles!!! finally we'll get to hangout again
natsumi tsujimotto Report | 06/05/2017 5:02 am
natsumi tsujimotto
I'm at air fluff now
natsumi tsujimotto Report | 06/05/2017 4:36 am
natsumi tsujimotto
which server are you on?


Make my wish come true, let darkness slip aside
Hiding all our hope, mocking what we treasure
Battles we can win, if we believe our souls
Hang in for the light, till dawn
Fate will not leave you, hate will not heal you
Pray and one day, peace shall flow everywhere

-Serah's Theme (FF13)