My name is Calvin, and I am the reason you are on this page.

I try my best to make people happy, and I hope they return the favor.

I am fluent in the nature of card games, sadly, and you should be too!!

I am the only person around that can set myself free from these locks, they say.

But I'm not the one with the keys.


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Report | 08/18/2011 5:42 pm


C a l v i n _ i s _ g a y _ : D

Report | 08/02/2010 9:05 am


World -> Gaia Labs -> Achievements -> Activate. ;3
ecchi shiyouze

Report | 04/14/2009 8:10 pm

ecchi shiyouze

Clavin is a nerd,
who likes to herd...
Sure, I like ponies. :3
Very bad poem. ^^
ecchi shiyouze

Report | 04/14/2009 7:59 pm

ecchi shiyouze

Everyone is my baby.
I used to think the blonde person was hott.
From the cereal commercials. <3
ecchi shiyouze

Report | 04/14/2009 7:51 pm

ecchi shiyouze

Oh, guess what, baby?
Your secretary just hired me again. ;D
ecchi shiyouze

Report | 04/14/2009 7:49 pm

ecchi shiyouze

Of course, dear.
You're so fun to toy with. <3
Running as a Chaperone

Report | 04/14/2009 7:43 pm

Running as a Chaperone

oo im srry
ecchi shiyouze

Report | 04/14/2009 7:36 pm

ecchi shiyouze

I have no idea...
Forget it.
Lost in what?
How it is?
It's so lonely.
I'm about to be vampire.
ecchi shiyouze

Report | 04/14/2009 7:30 pm

ecchi shiyouze

Well, Gaia is either full of nerds, noobs, or bitches.
I would assume we are the nerds of Gaia.
Welcome to the Club of Nerds among my a**.
I don't understand what I just typed, I'm spacing out. >.<
ecchi shiyouze

Report | 04/14/2009 7:24 pm

ecchi shiyouze

Ignorance is bliss, after all.


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