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Hey there peoples! This is Popcorn speaking!
Ok, about me...

I'm a roleplaying addict that loves wolves and has an overwelming obsession for the Legend of Zelda.
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I'll rp other things as well of course, fantasy - mediavel or futuristic -, super hero/villian, dragon (love dragons! User Image), DNA, ect. I usually don't play realistic schools and stuff like that but if it has a good plot I'll check it out.

My favorite Legend of Zelda games are Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, and my favorite characters are Dark Link and Vaati User Image. My favorite couple is DLxZelda, though only when he's stealing her from Link User Image


I'm Blue, Dabudee Dabudie...


Please don't hate me orz;;;

I'm so sorry I've been gone for so long, everyone. After I came back last time life got busy, but I still got on to try and catch up in the roleplays I was in. But I wasn't able to do that for long, and got so busy that for a month I was hardly able to get online at all. So I should have been able to get on after that, right?

Well.... I kind of forgot orz;;; I'm really, really sorry! Dx Once I remembered I kind of delayed coming back because I was afraid of getting angry responses... And I really am to blame for not coming back then, so I knew the anger would be justified.

And then, just my luck, just when I finally get the courage to get back on, the tornadoes started. I live kind of close to Glade Spring Virginia, and one tornado hit my town, less than a mile away from me. Power was out for a while, but my area wasn't damaged and the one that hit here wasn't too serious. We got our power back the next day but I've been really busy helping the people that got hit really badly.

So, to everyone I was roleplaying with, again, I'm terribly sorry for being gone for so long... I'm busy now with housework. My mom's working our butts off while my dad's in New Jersey, taking advantage of him not being able to complain about cleaning all his boxes and junk into his room. But I'll try my best to be online and active again.

Again, I'm so sorry D:



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Kurarni Report | 09/27/2013 5:08 pm
Viice Report | 11/08/2012 2:49 pm
Hey! In very eager to reply to you, I should be able to within the hour or an hour and a half. Sorry, the thread will be sort of slow moving but ill be able to post a lot tonight if all goes well.
Dezmond Myles Report | 09/19/2012 9:43 pm
Dezmond Myles
climbin in your comments, singing something stupid up, trying to sound cool
Tobii-tan Report | 02/18/2012 12:34 pm
hi helen!!
I Luv Dr. Pepper Report | 06/06/2011 12:45 pm
I Luv Dr. Pepper
I'm creepin' on your profile... eek
Ravyn8 Report | 05/28/2011 11:14 pm
Yay!!!! I've missed you!!!! *glomp*
halofrisbee Report | 05/27/2011 11:05 pm
Popcorn!!! Yay you're back!! Totally understand about tornadoes. I area got hit as well. Luckily not too bad. Glad to heard you are ok!
Dea and #Teddy# Report | 05/27/2011 6:00 pm
Dea and #Teddy#
Poppy, you have been missed *hugs*
TheOnlyBean Report | 05/27/2011 5:20 pm
Man, that is horrible. I hope all the missing people are okay.... Yeah, it's supposed to be Summer which means blistering hot weather and not cray thunderstorms and tornadoes.......

On to a happy note......... UK did so well we created a sequel.^^
VVishing Report | 05/27/2011 4:31 pm




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