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*walking along, stops, peers at you from over my shoulder* WHO ARE YOU?!? D:< Ha, just kidding xD

Hey everyone, what's up? My name Is ____ ... yea, thought i was going to share my real name with chu? >_> heh, that's not the real reason why; I have an awful first name. Therefore, i go by Peachez/Peach/Peaches/ etc. on here. If i had an awesome first name, i would put it up here (like Lucian or something asian) But anyways...

Wanna know about me, huh? Creeper. xD Kidding,again. I am a Sophmore, yet i can pass as a Senior. I go to a fabulous school up here in West Valley City, and i hope to never leave... Well, that's not true, i wanna leave as soon as possible, I'm starting to dislike my "friends" oh well, not to speak about. I have an Art class (woo!) and a Study class (yea!) and a math class (what?) Yea yea, math. Not fun. But am i getting it? Yes. Do i have an amazing Teacher? Yes. Therefore, it's fun. I had it third, but i am getting it third next term. So yea, that's basically school

Things i like to do? A lot. Gaia is probably on the top of my list. I mean, it's SOOOO addicting. I've seen people where they actually leave, then come back and do their normal thing on here. I mean, it's that addicting, ya know? Probably under that is Art class, because, my art teacher is incredible. She knows what she's doing and is not someone to d**k around. I like to eat a lot too... I'm a very picky eater, but I'm trying new things. right now, i love ribs/riblets a lot, and pasta is yummy (olive garden for the win yo!) especially those lasagna rolls (yum) and then maybe Math after that. I hate having to redo it, and i keep losing my papers for math. But that's my fault lol.

So some fun random things about me; First off, I'm Gay (even though my friends keep saying "try a girl" over and over and over *five hours later* and over and over.) honestly, I'd rather be with a man than a woman. I don't care who you are, guys, as long as your the following; Good looking, charasmatic, muscular and REAL. If you lie to me and say your a girl in real life, i will kick your virtual butt. Moving on from that, i enjoy listening to music, writing, drawing, tekteking and doing Tarot. Yes, tarot. I do readings, I'd be happy to do one over pm's if you'd like me to. I've never done one before, so don't expect me to be perfect at it.

More fun random things about me; I join tektek contests, run tektek contests, and so on. It keeps me occupied, and it bides my time. I plan on leaving the AT (avatar talk) for a while here and practicing. I just wanna come back in a big blaze of glory, and then honestly, show a couple of people up.

But yea, that's about all you need to know about me. If you wanna know more, strike up a pm and I"ll reply any of your questions. Who knows, maybe we'll become best friends biggrin

Okay bye.

ART by -i Shitake NomNom -!
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my journal

dark thoughts... well not really. lol

i plan to write about.... stuff. some random posts about life and stuff. I dont know how to explain it any better.


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happy birthday! smile

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Child Of Spiders

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Child Of Spiders

umm let me guess its a.... zombie o3o ... did i get it right ;D ?
Child Of Spiders

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Child Of Spiders

ahh i see... i have over 40 savi`s saved ._. ..... xD
Child Of Spiders

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Child Of Spiders

I HAVE 1000 avis xD haha of course you wound`t >3>
Child Of Spiders

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Child Of Spiders

whats a 1000 avi challage O=?? sounds intresting o3o Haha ya math has been beating me up to with a hammer then throwing me to the monsters ( amnia the dark descent reference)
Child Of Spiders

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Child Of Spiders

I have been Ok super busy with school and what-not. How have you been hun? <3
Child Of Spiders

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Child Of Spiders

Peachies <3 * golps * o3o

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Haha!Boobs are awesome!!!That's awesome!We are doing okay,came down sick though.So trying to get over that,my son and I have been watching Drag U while my hubby is at class.LOL!I love that show,I want to go on there Ru,and the other queens could certainly help me with my confidence issues!Another baby is in our future,just maybe sometime next year.Lol.I have heal first otherwise I and the 2nd baby could die if I am not all the way healed.Oh,yeah I turned 21 on the 11th so I have been enjoying the fact that I can get some wine to relax.LOL.My hubby got his Associates degree,and working towards his Bachelors. smile .A lot has happened within the last few months. biggrin D

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hey! how ya been?


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