dude wheres my car??? omg i forgot i dont HAVE one!!! damn.....

hello!!! yes you in the back no not you yes the one next to you in the t-shirt and jeans "hello" and welcome to my pf. while your here let me lay some ground work... i dont like scammers..so give up now, chain mails are a big NO, first off they are a waste of space, id like to keep the no no words to the bare minimum so plz help out and keep the those dirty little suckers in their place as long as you follow the ground work we're gonna get along just fine. thank you for stopping by.

Im Just Me...Deal With It
im a girl..duh, but i live my life. love, love,love, love soccer i live and breath for soccer. run cross country, and play lacrosse, im very much a cluts and if its trippable.....there's a good chance iv tripped over it. my friends call me coco, jo, or holy crap women(dnt ask)
and im the kind of person that would be dancing out in the middle of the pouring rain. so if u c someone dancing on that night when its pouring rain and the temp is below 50, theres a good chance its me... i love my friends(and if you mess with them ...i WILL FIND CHU..) best friends on gaia: gldn_angl_wings, x-Jak3-x, miss_brown_sugar. i love music, techno, dance....anything with a good beat and u can dance too. i love to blast my music when driving.
i like anime, i like to draw and read, love animals im in my schools animal rights club. I love being who i am in the fact that im single. singles awareness day woot! lol hey if im single i get to check out all the hot guys with out feeling guilt. XD Mmmmm men with muscles yum!
my fav colors are green, white, blue, purple, orange(in that order) i love to sing, and my shower-head thinks i could be the next American idol, lol. i love to laugh and eat RAMEN!!! YAH RAMEN!!! *cough* now that thats out of my system
RAMEN! anyways... im an avi aoholic (is that even a word..well it is now..) i change my avi every 5min.....hehehe... my bff on gaia is
my twin but exact opposite (if that doesnt make sence to chu, to bad, it makes sense to me..) gldn_angl_wings. um thats about it RAMEN!!..*COUGH* anyways..... peace out!

so..the point is im a chill person and if you ever just want to start up a convo just send a msg my way.lolz


This Month I'm Questing The


any help is welcomed and thank you!
(donates are loved forever)

Coco's logic......
#1. bubbles ar the absolute best way to waste your life.
#2. life is like an ice cream cone.....u never know when its going to melt away.
#3. high schoolars are fat and lonley
#4. majoring in vacation is what i do best
#5.*warning* may spontaniously combust
#6. pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
#7.i is not a** DrUnK as u tink i is *hiccup*

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life is an expression
whats yours?

Yay avi art!
thanks again to all who drew me
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"fallen rainbow"

whatever randomly comes to my mind i will randomly write down. on some random day...........randomly



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happy birthday!


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LOL. It's fine. I rarely get online either.
I'm doing fine, super excited school's almost over.
You? :]

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Well, good news for you. We're undefeated. xD
It's sorta tedious though, playing middle schoolers.
At the same time, the feeling of epic pwnage just rushes at me :3

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Well, it's about to be tennis season soon. Can't wait for that xD
Hmm... Right now, I guess I'm in a basketball team, soccer team, and an ultimate frisbee team.
All sorta boring, because we play middle schoolers o.o
Overall, I'm doing pretty well, busy, if not. x.x

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Lol. Nice. Ugh sorry for the late reply, busy. X.x
Uhmm I got a ps3, whole buncha games for it, and an iPod touch, abd TONS of iTunes giftcard money.
Also some clothes biggrin
So how's life?

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KK <3 I don't mind darlin <333

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I Saw One Of Your Beautiful Drawings in the Art Areana and I would love it if you could try your hand at my art contest? The big prize is 30K, plus I tip around 10k if you win as well, and I think you have a great chance of winning, you have a great gallery. The link is below, I would love to see you there!
xXxXxArt ContestxXxXx

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Very nice avi & profile!


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Rai wants to rule the world, succum to her alsomeness and make her your surpreme overlord and she'll be happier then a bird with a french fry