Brilliant apple red hair is the first thing you notice of the man. It is just long enough to pass over his ears. It is combed out of his face so that his most distinctive quality, his orange, strangely swirled eyes can peer at whatever comes into his focus. His skin is darker than fair, a chestnut color that hinted at long-term sun exposure. A shirt of a medium, spring green hue covers his upper body, hiding an above-average muscular build. It is made of a soft material, cotton or wool. His pants were a little tougher, made of some kind of leather, pigmented a deep, dark, firebrick red. The boots that cover his feet were made up of a similar material, only tougher, and more of a sienna than firebrick. Hanging from his shoulders is a heavy trenchcoat. This is made up of the dark, firebrick red leather on the outside, with a chainmail liner sewn into the inside. Various straps and pockets are sewn into the inside over the chainmail as well, hiding and holding various papers and items.

Character Name: Caleb “Caye” Gairaigo

Character Age/Gender/Race: 24/Male/Human

Character Alignment: Neutral Evil.

Weapon(s) of Choice: Light Crossbow(or Sawed-off shotgun.), Paralykinesis Ammuntion. Standard sized gladius, runic enchantment.

Special Abilities/Powers:
-The Tower Of Light - A powerful protection enchantment. Caleb can only use it on an emotional high, and it consumes all of his spiritual energy.
-Hawkeye Strike - A concentrated chi-blast with his crossbow. By infusing a bolt with his own chakra, Caleb can release a blast capable of piercing tempered steel. Inaccurate at long ranges, and completely wears out the user if used three times.
-Missile Accuracy - Caleb’s eyes are a strange glowing orange, pupils swirled with the irises. This increases his aptitude with missiles, mostly his crossbow shots.

Character Bio: Caleb is a traveler from one town to the next. He seeks jobs, like any normal bounty hunter, and no price is too high. A lonely wayfarer, Caleb just lives life one day at a time. He lost his siblings and parents at the age of 15. Having nothing but the equipment he carries, he never sleeps in the same place for long. Caleb’s general personality is caring towards friends, indifferent towards strangers, and merciless towards enemies.

Partners: Misuto Vapira. Rayne Bloodstone. Hawk Trinsic.

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~Primores~of~Perpessio~ Report | 03/23/2009 5:37 am
check out Shikabane Hime on hulu
Atarget4u Report | 12/25/2008 3:35 pm
A late Merry gift-giving day to you! Do me a favor and tell your sister, eh? Then pinch her or something, cause her uncomfort!
Rayne Bloodstone Report | 12/23/2008 12:48 am
Rayne Bloodstone
Brought you a friend, lol.

Be nice to him. He no bite.

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Renki Gairaigo Report | 12/19/2008 8:40 am
Renki Gairaigo
*hisses* ><!
Rayne Bloodstone Report | 12/16/2008 5:08 pm
Rayne Bloodstone
=^.^= I really like

how it all came out.
Rayne Bloodstone Report | 12/03/2008 1:11 pm
Rayne Bloodstone
Lol, yea. I just didn't wanna crash.

But then I looked at the time and

it hit me at once.

And yea, I broke down and got one.

Just hope it is worth it.
Rayne Bloodstone Report | 12/02/2008 12:07 am
Rayne Bloodstone
XD distracted you huh?

Sweet-Pudding-Panda Report | 11/13/2008 12:13 am
Lol, don't fret. I am fine. I get dizzy after I haven't

had a certain amount of sleep and get super tired.

That is when I know I have hit my limit. I am not

sick tho. =^.^= The change in weather is just

messing with me like it normally does.
Sweet-Pudding-Panda Report | 11/12/2008 4:47 pm
Aww, look. It is a new friend. Lol =^.^= I need to crash

Grim, getting dizzy. Not really feeling well either. No clue

when I will be back on but if you don't hear from me for

the rest of the night I will talk to you later in the day


Nyte =^.~=
Rayne Bloodstone Report | 08/06/2008 4:11 am
Rayne Bloodstone
7AM and I iz awake..You might not see me

very early XD Sorry you gonna have to hunt

alone once again. Just try and not get bit...

-_- I don't feel like stabbing you, lol.

Nyte Grim.

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