About Moi


So hey, my name is Cajunlullaby on here, Heather in real life. I am eighteen! I am a really fun girl to hang out with most of the time, but I will attack if you piss me off. If there's anything I most absolutely love to do, it would be playing my guitar, singing, writing, and roleplaying. I like using extremely big words. Callipygous is one of my favorite words of all times. I am not sure why. I also write poetry. I have written many poems about many different things. If you want to hear one just request it smile

Some Random Facts About Me:
Was In Marching and concert band
Was the Female Vocal Soloist for my school
In Drama Club( Actress and Technical Producer)
Live in Louisiana
Have one younger brother.
Have two younger sisters(half)
Have an older adopted brother
Have a younger step-brother
College freshman! Biology Major
I am Single
Some of my favorite types of music/singers/bands!
Hollywood Undead, Paramore, Boys Like Girls, Fall Out Boys, For Our Hero, Lady Antebellum, Josh Gracin, Vampire Weekend, Brokencyde, Hillsong United, Warren Haynes, Adele, Jack Johnson, Owl City, Mayday Parade, Cobra Starship, Avril Lavigne, Colbie Callait, Evanescence, The Wanted, My Chemical Romance (I ship Frerard!)
Can probably sing any song you name(not good though)
Can probably describe any movie you name
I consider myself a country girl to the Heart!
I'm pretty smart, been in all adv. classes, stuff like that.
Biology is my favorite subject.
I secretly wish I was a computer hacker or a spy. It would just be amazing to be that smart! And be able to do that stuff!
Dragons are absolutely my favorite mythical creature! I think they are so misunderstood by people.

Roleplay Guidelines:
I tend to look for a Semi-Lit to Lit Roleplay. I like fantasy, sci-fi, family lifestyle, wars, etc. It doesn't really matter as long as it has a good storyline. I want it to follow all Gaia rules, and NO cybering! If you have a good roleplay, PM me the details. I am always looking!