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Each heart holds a world of sound,
just put the headphones on and close your eyes.
Feel yourself slip deep down to the core,
and watch as all turns to black.

Let the feeling wash over you,
like a wave at the beach.
Let your heart race as time slows around you.
Let the emotion free,
like a caged animal eager for freedom.

Feel the vibrations of every beat, every note, and every word.
Let it shake your core, and awaken your senses,
as you enter the state of harmony . . .

I will crush anyone who gets in the way of my dreams.
So step up if you dare!!
Step into my cage, and see the mistake you made.
Talk all you want,
just back it up once the door shuts.

Because I'm not gonna let some punk push me around.
You better be prepared.
You better be crazy,
to get in my way.

No way in hell you'll win.
Not even a snowball's chance in hell.
You won't even walk out.
You'll pay for trying to take my dream!!

Step into my cage, and see the mistake you made.
Come on:

Step up, if you dare!!