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Caecitas Mentis


I draw too much, for starters. heart
Secondly, I am a martial artist and not too bad with a blade. (This blade being about 4' long. Not sure how much it weighs, but its rather heavy.) My family is that of a geek. I mean, uber geek. D&D is our family time, but we're not pimply silly nerd-geeks, we're rocker geeks. Much cooler. cool
My family owns a store called Gryphon Hobby & Games, and I do the art campaigns and designing. We're running it for our second year now, but I haven't had too much involvement due to schooling and all that lovely stuff. This year I will be attempting online school for my 10th grade year, even though I have friends that are very, very against it... sorry, guys. gonk I'm doing it partly because drama just keeps dragging me down and affects my grades, partly because I want to take Latin. (I obviously have already been using, judging by my username which translates to Mental Blindness or a form of insanity)

When it comes to actual life, my name is Kira. No, not anything from an anime. I've heard it all so please don't bring all that up. Though it is Japanese slang for "Killer" (which could be considered rather accurate, looking at all the black and red) the actual translation is Celtic for "Little Dark Lady." There, you learned something. heart

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Kikole no Tama Report | 09/01/2011 11:25 am
Kikole no Tama
Did you get to finish the avi art? biggrin
Kikole no Tama Report | 08/20/2011 6:26 am
Kikole no Tama
-defies gravity again-
Kikole no Tama Report | 08/17/2011 6:08 am
Kikole no Tama
Yeah, you're my new best friend. And you need a deviantart account. Mine is WildSpiritHorse1991. heart I haven't got any of my drawings on it, but I will post some of them soon- in the meantime, it's a bunch of my little pony stuff. I know... I'm odd. D: But that's okay!
Kikole no Tama
Caecitas Mentis

Art for sale!

The animal's Soul is Mine...



Shadow Walker


Acedia Xailem



Haunted Hallows...

Within these weary walls... Within the Fall...


Now, old man, is not the time to be making enemies...

Strike me down!

My fallen comrades... what will become of them?

Time is a choking chain that will never cease its grip on reality...

It's just another way to die.

Release me...

And nothing else matters.

Crimson rivers flow from thine enemy's soul...

A world that they cannot survive in... We've left them with another way to die.

Fly away with broken wings.

Perhaps they are not stars...

but rather


in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.

I am ready to meet my maker... whether he is ready to meet me is a different matter.


Would you take a craving for me?


Black out the sun.

I've no time for the broken hearted.

Words... so many words.