Roleplaying Rules

Rules of Roleplaying:
1) Minimum of 1-to-2 Paragraphs with a maximum of 4 Paragraphs.

2) If you're going to Roleplay with me, please be dedicated to continue the RP. If you cannot continue the RP for any reason, then please notify me.

3) If you want to discuss during the RP, then please make sure to put it at the bottom of the message that's seperate from the Roleplay Post. Ideas are accepted at anytime!

4) If you don't like how the Roleplay is going and want to change/restart it, then please notify me in OOC during the Roleplay.

5) During the Roleplay, I don't want it to be all about SEX! Make sure to change it up a bit and just don't try to make it boring.

6) Grammar Structure must be acceptable. I understand if you might be foreign to the English Language, but if I can't read it, then I'll ask you to resend the post again in a different and much understandable manner.

Character #2 - ???

Coming Soon.



Character #1 - Caden Zetsumei

User ImageName: Caden Zetsumei
Age: 21.
Gender: Male.
Occupation: Student and Military Recruit.
Orientation: Closeted Bisexual.
Education: Junior at the Local University.
Hair: Green, Shoulder-length hair.

Background: Caden was raised in the suburban of Knoxville, TN. He lived a child's normal life in the suburban and dealt with many things. When he was raised, a noticeable mark started to appear on right shoulder of the young male. No one could figure out what was going on and thought it was just a weird-looking scar. Most of his childhood is a haze, since he suffered short-term memory loss as a child, but recovered in his middle school years. One day, after attending a long day in High School as a Sophomore, he was ganged up by many people of the Senior and Junior Class. After getting knocked around a bit, his mark on the shoulder glowed and white matter formed at the hands. He used it as a force and knocked everyone around him away. Since then, he practiced with the magic and figured out many skills from it.

The skills noticeable from the mark are healing, shields, morphing matter into weapons and sound-forced attacks. Many of these helped saved his life in High School and forced others to rethink about attacking the young male. The mark does have a side-effect that causes Caden severe pain, shock, and/or unconsciousness after long-uses of the matter. The mark is in a vinyl-shaped decoration that appears on the right shoulder that reaches portions of his arm, upper back, and upper chest. When the mark glows, it usually glows in a light-green color.

Caden Zetsumei is one of the highest-ranked from his high-school class. He excelled and won many achievements from it. Before leaving high school, he had an offer to join the military for a spot into being a weapon's specialist and/or meteorologist for the Army. He accepted the job, after some thought into the situation and consideration. He's already an E-5 in the military after two years, excelling out other members immediately. They didn't released him into the war, since he was attending an University of his dreams and wanted to accelerate through his education first, then head off into the military.


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Misaki Ita
hey sorry if im bothering you or anything but i just wanted to find out if you roleplay, i started this form and its mw and 2 other ppl so im inviting ppl to join us. here is the link if you would consider it
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