E L - L o c o

[♥]V a l e r i e
[♥]V e i n t i - U n o - 1 4 t h J u n i o- F e m e n i n o

[♥]- im from The Netherlands/surinamese So im dutch/south american, Not german

[♥]- My name is Valerie but you can call me Val,Velly or Momo C:
- Im weird, Im a gamer,í'm addicted to lifting weights <3
- im happy who i am and always will be,
- Im a Very Happy, Sweet ,and Generous Person, That you can trust, i'd never hurt someones feelings.
- Im not a real talker. but more a Listener,
- I'm also studying to be an tattoo artist and im hoping to be The greatest somday♥

[♥] My musical interest is very wide, i listen to everything. But there are some things i just don't like as much.

[♥] I like all kinds of art, Call of duty. shopping, Pvc/latex clothing, Drawing,tattooing, Grand theft auto,going to the gym

[♥] I play gaia for like 7 years now lol.

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