♥ STUFFS About Me ♥


☼Welcome to my profile!!!☼

♥My name is Nii but u can call me anything u like <33
♥I'm 15 years old and I'm a freshman^^
♥I was born on December 14 <3
♥I'm ASIAN!!
♥I can speak English, Thai, Burmese, Mon, and Korean
(currently learning xD)
♥I'm short : P
♥I love cute things >.<
♥I also love Thai and Korean Music/Drama ♫
♥Forever a DIRECTIONER [I'm like obsess with these 5 idiots]<3
♥My fav color is pink & salmon (:
♥Music is my passion <3 ♫
♥I'm friendly and love meeting new people..
♥Feel free to add me ↓
♥Pls don't ask for my personal things [address, phone #, ect.]>.<

♫Thanks for visiting/stalking!!♫