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Ok, I'm a pretty energetic person. I love kitty's, fairy's, ice cream, and anime. And I think Yaoi is just plain Adorable! I freakin' LOVE strawberries!! God is a genius for creating such a delectable delight! /And just plain fruit. Add juice to that list, and you pretty much have my food choices!! ^.^ Writing, reading and drawing are next on the list. But #1, I love my friends. I despise monkeys and spiders. They creep me out like no other... and don't even stick me with a freakin needle either, it isn't pleasant. Ok, so my about me section feels a bit empty now... so I guess you'll have to read more about my boring little self then! My age is simple...it's in the MIDDLE of the teens! My cat is so annoying....she complains too much! But I still love her to death! I love my friends, no matter how ANNOYING they can be. I can learn to suck up my aggravation. I'm addicted to reading for some reason... new addiction... I'm looking for rehab, but I've failed already. I'm not really that big on dogs...like there ok, just depends. I adore wolves, foxes, and my personal favorite: cats! I'm a music fanatic! Which most people are, so i doubt this would surprise most people. I'm also like the most un-upgraded person with technology too! I hardly know how to work this computer, and if you ask me about texting or just a cell, even a disposable camera, I don't have it... sad...i know... v.v Well I learn to get over that, because I work too much at my house.... it's painful sometimes....well anyways I bet you people are a bit fed up with my ranting, so I think its about time to stop! ^-^

This week:

My Letter by Flaw

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My amazing Imoto-chan made this wonderful... me... for me!! ^-^ Love you Imoto-chan!!!

Dream Avatar:

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Total Value: 1,282,540 Gold
After Exclusions: 1,280,402 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Frostbite Blade
Fallen Wish
Gogh Reed 5th Gen.
Chuchip's Blessing
Elegant Veil
Elegant Veil
Elegant Veil

User Image
Total Value: 833,202 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Blood Gothic Bat Stockings
Stealth InfraRed Pants
Laceback Skirt
Missy Ruby Shoes
Oni Set
Warm Starter Fantasy Straps
Dashing Gentleman Ruby Vest
Flame Sword
Flame Sword
Diapered Egg 5th gen.
Fremere's Guard 6th Gen.
Golden Sparkles
Kuro's Induction

User Image
Total Value: 24,220,403 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Black Stripes Bottom Tattoo
Black Spider Chest Tattoo
Death Whisper
Demonic Anklets
Dancer Bottom
Ancient Naginata
Ancient Naginata
Devil Tail
Horns of the Demon
Death Whisper (7th gen)
Death Whisper (13th gen)
Carol of Ol' Nick 2nd gen.
Grizzly Hoodie
Reve Rouille 2nd Gen.
Raider Shih's Garment
Reve Rouille 2nd Gen.

User Image
Total Value: 61,349 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Easter Bunny Ears
Bunny Tail
Black Top Hat
Sexy Present (Valentines Day 2k9)

User Image
Total Value: 401,878 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Pop Top Class Coat
Briar's Shot
Blade's Brown Belt
Valiant Knight
Silver BFF Heart Chain
Black and Gold Oversized Bangles
Black and Gold Oversized Bangles
sunFlare shoes
Indigo Tavern Wench's Bustier
Berry Tavern Wench's Cincher
Team Durem Tennis Polo Shirt
Black Rainy Shorts


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C u ddlez t0 De4th Report | 02/05/2011 7:29 pm
C u ddlez t0 De4th
We have to go show off : ]
I-Am-Zee Report | 10/24/2010 4:46 pm
I'mm design a flag! You make cookies!!
C u ddlez t0 De4th Report | 10/23/2010 12:00 pm
C u ddlez t0 De4th
Oh yeah, with that drool rolling down your face you'd so be a broadcasted hottie. Lol.
C u ddlez t0 De4th Report | 10/23/2010 10:31 am
C u ddlez t0 De4th
heart yOuR hOt sTuFf heart
C u ddlez t0 De4th Report | 10/23/2010 10:18 am
C u ddlez t0 De4th
That's sick x .x
C u ddlez t0 De4th Report | 10/23/2010 10:14 am
C u ddlez t0 De4th
Oh you just wish you looked as good as me. wink
C u ddlez t0 De4th Report | 10/23/2010 10:10 am
C u ddlez t0 De4th
I just like to look smexii!! xD
No shame in that~!
C u ddlez t0 De4th Report | 10/23/2010 9:15 am
C u ddlez t0 De4th
okay I finished mine. ;D
I-Am-Zee Report | 10/23/2010 9:13 am
WE NEED A CLUB biggrin
I-Am-Zee Report | 10/20/2010 12:43 pm
SUHWEET biggrin


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