Love me for me c:

HAY. JU. GUYS. C: Wanna do meh a favor and checkk Me and Crystal out at our new channel!? ;D I. WILL. LOVE YOU. FOREVER. -WE- WILL LOVE YOU. FOREVER >D

"Catch a falling star, put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day."

♥Meh name's Vickie. WITH AN I-E. GET IT RIGHT .__.

♥I blow out the candles on ◦ 2.10.96◦ Gift me, Okey? :3

♥I don't donate, unless necessary and you're my friend c:

♥I like light pastel colors biggrin

♥Nyu random n00b friend requests pl0x ._.

♥My favorite letter is the squiggly ~

♥Im addicted to texting. Let's be texting buddies <:

♥ I love n00dles espeacially Ramen biggrin

♥ I love Sushi tew, and Pocky. I love food .-.

♥Ima DDR Freak, LETS DUEL! 8D

♥Dude, I get emotional during relleh good sad dramas D:

♥Autumn's Concerto is by far my favorite<3

♥Violin's my fiery passion, been playing since 6th grade biggrin

♥I love to sing. Just because I like to, doesn't mean I'm good xD